Negura Bunget finishing work on Mini CD “Poarta de Dincolo”; ending contract with Code666 Records

Posted by Lucas Riot on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 12:37 PM (PST)

Negura Bunget band logoRomanian black metal band Negură Bunget has announced they are now finishing work on their upcoming mini-CD “Poartă de Dincolo” (“a gate from the above” or “carrying from the other side”). The material will be recorded again at Negura Music studio.

The band comment on the album: “As the name suggests, the material focuses on exploring the relationship between worlds, either from above, under or beyond.”

 The mini-CD is the last Negură Bunget material to be released by Code666 Records marking the end of a collaboration started almost 10 years ago.  The band has wished the label all the best.

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