New Music: Borknagar – “Frostrite”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 8:34 AM (PST)

Norway’s own blackened mix of metal Borknagar are streaming a new song called “Frostrite” taken from their freshly released album Urd.  You can listen to the song by clicking right here.

Urd is Borknagar’s ninth full lenth album and available now on Century Media.  For more information on the album and its musical direction click here.Borknagar has previously stated on the concept of Urd:

“Our previous album was called ‘Universal’ and where should we go after an album title with such a magnitude? Well, we decided to head back home to earth. We really wanted to get back to the core of the band, where it all started – the admiration and pondering about nature and mankind’s place therein. ‘Urd’ is the name of one of the norns that according to northern mythology stands under Yggdrasill and weaves the lifeline of mankind. ‘Urd’ is representing the past, while ‘Verdande’ is representing the present and ‘Skuld’ is representing the future. You might very well say that this is an ancient expression of what we today know as DNA. And I have always been very fascinated by the fact that parts and bits of our DNA actually derive from the very beginning of time. All living creatures are somewhat connected to the very first organic cell. That is some of the story behind the album title…”

The track-listing for the album:

1. Epochalypse

2. Roots

3. The Beauty Of Dead Cities

4. The Earthling

5. The Plains Of Memories

6. Mount Regency

7. Frostrite

8. The Winter Eclipse

9. In A Deeper World

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