New Music: Demon Hunter – “Wake”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 7:16 AM (PST)

Seattle metalcore act Demon Hunter have unveiled one more single to coincide with the release of their newest album True Defiance.  The song is called “Wake” and you can listen to it right here.

When asked about the song, frontman Ryan Clark had the following to say:

“‘Wake’ is another song that explores all the best elements of the band.  It’s very riff heavy, vocally melodic, extremely aggressive, grooving, and features some of the best drumming on the record. This song takes what some might consider the standard Demon Hunter vocal structure and flips it- the verses are melodic singing, and the screaming takes place in the chorus. I think those tweaks in the structure make it a unique DH song.  Lyrically, it’s about a person’s fear of the unknown… or the coming to terms with one’s mortality and spiritual life… digging deeper that a daily surface existence or ‘waking’ out of the ritualistic/mundane day-to-day.”

Demon Hunter have released three other songs from the album prior to this that you can find links to right here.

True Defiance is available now on Solid State Records and is a follow up to 20120’s The World Is A Thorn.

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