New Video: Autopsy Release “My Corpse Shall Rise” Promo Video For Upcoming Album “Macabre Eternal”

Posted by JDKleinhans on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 9:49 AM (PST)

My Corpse Shall Rise is Autopsy‘s debut promo video & features the highlight track of last year’s “The Tomb Within EP”, which saw the band return after a 15 year hiatus with a new 5-track platter of death & disease.

Californian gore-metallers Autopsy emerged in 1987 & their debut album, “Severed Survival” was unleashed in 1989 on Peaceville Records. The band went on to become true legends in the death metal scene, recording 4 studio albums in total, before splitting up in the mid ’90s. The band’s fifth album, “Macabre Eternal” is released May 30th 2011 in the UK.

Check out the video here.

Autopsy also celebrated this long overdue return with 3 headlining festivals at Maryland Deathfest, PartySan & Hole in the Sky, featuring friend Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault) on bass, where the band was met with a rapturous reception from older fans, as well as a new generation of rabid metalheads. 

Autopsy entered Fantasy studios in February 2011 with Adam Munoz to record “Macabre Eternal”, the long-awaited fifth album, with the original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles & Eric Cutler joined by Joe Trevisano of Abscess/Von fame on bass to pummel the senses with more uncompromising death & disease. 
This release will be backed up with more festival appearances across Europe & the US in 2011.

 Autopsy notably features legendary drummer Chris Reifert, who began his recording career with US metal greats, Death, before taking on the unusual duty of handling drums & vocals for Autopsy. Autopsy has influenced a whole generation of extreme metal bands, from Entombed & Dismember to Darkthrone & is among the biggest & most respected names in the genre’s history. “
Macabre Eternal” features artwork by renowned horror artist Wes Benscoter (Slayer, Mortician, Sinister).


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