Nikki Sixx says there will be new material from Mötley Crüe

Posted by Metal Dude on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 5:49 PM (PST)

Nearly a month ago, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx stated that there were no plans to record a new full-length, but has apparently retracted this statement as he recently told Ultimate Classic Rock that new material will happen. He states:

“We’re going to make music. First thing you do is you write it, you record it, then you have it, then what do you do with it? Do we release EPs? Do we release albums? Do we release two songs a week? Or, you know, for 16 weeks? We don’t know yet and that’s kind of exciting. It’s kind of interesting to be in that place and not be going, ‘Well, here’s the release date, the full 10 songs have to be mixed and mastered by this date. We don’t necessarily know exactly what we’re going to do. I mean, we like what we’re doing right now. It feels good. It feels organic. We like that we have this body of work that we can pick from to play live. The band’s probably getting along better than, maybe, ever.”

Aside from the new song “Sex”, which came out this summer, Mötley Crüe haven’t released any type of new material since 2008’s Saints of Los Angeles.

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