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Nirvana to reunite with new singer?

Posted by Metal Dude on Friday, January 6, 2012 at 3:34 PM (PST)

According to, Nirvana fans on Facebook have been banding together to ask its surviving members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl to play either a one-off show or a full-scale tour with a replacement of their late singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain. The fans have been suggesting Wes Scantlin (Puddle of Mudd), Brett Scallions (Fuel) and Ryan McCombs (Soil and Drowning Pool) as possible replacements for Cobain, although they claim that there might be a singer/guitarist whoh as “a singing voice that sounds like Kurt or someone who plays left handed like him”.

While there has been no official word on the reunion, the Facebook page also claims that rumors of a Nirvana reunion have been floating around for a while and that NCA – a Russian concert agency – has booked at least two reunion shows for them in Russia, one in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg, but no date or venue for either shows has been announced. That website asks fans to vote for the shows by clicking “+1” and if either or both shows get 10,000 votes, they might consider booking them.

Nirvana broke up immediately after Kurt Cobain killed himself in his Seattle home in April 1994.

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