North Carolina’s ALL HELL to release “The Grave Alchemist” via Prosthetic

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 4:26 PM (PST)


Just watched the awesome first episode of Legion and am now web diddling in pajamas (that isn’t what it sounds like) whilst listening to Demon Lung’s A Dracula and wishing they had a new release soon. What do I spy in my emails? Some great news to share with you rage-o-holics. First, let me thank you for reading us over here in Metal Riot land. Whether every day or once in awhile or this is your MRiot cherry popping and you will never come back, thank you. Writing about and debating metal keeps some of us alive through the shitty parade of mandatory holidays that society crams down our throats, while completely burying cool ones like Saturnalia and National Plum Pudding Day (allegedly that is Feb. 12th and I missed it, who knew?).

Anyway, metal news! Blackened thrashers ALL HELL will release a record on Prosthetic later this year. Scant details are available at this time, but we can share that the North Carolina act’s latest is called The Grave Alchemist and sports some sexy kinda campy but still cool vampire art!

Tracklisting BELOW.

Stay tuned for The Grave Alchemist preorders and teaser tracks to be unveiled in the coming weeks.
The Grave Alchemist Track Listing:
1. Grave Alchemy
2. Necrosophia
3. Wed The Night
4. Vampiric Lust
5. The Castle
6. Laid To Unrest
7. Memory Tomb
8. The Madness Out Of Time
9. The Thing in The Ground
10. Return of the Reaper
11. Elixir
12. I Am The Mist

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