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NYHC Lives! – Raybeez and Warzone Tribute in Tompkins Square Park

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 8:19 PM (PST)


The Raybeez and Warzone Tribute show at Tompkins Square Park was such a blast, a huge celebration of what makes NYHC and all the good people involved in the scene so great. Not only was it the first time I saw an old fave Shutdown in like 15 years, but of course the amazing array of guest singers who came out to pay tribute to Warzone’s Raybeez and the legacy of New York City’s roughest underground.

I can’t even begin to recap all the amazing highlights as I am just freshly home and this was the New Yorkiest of NYHC shows almost ever, so I am just gonna let it sit and post the photos and some video clips to capture a fraction of the spirit. Was nice running into Dr Know and gettin to chat, seeing my friend Brian Goss play a song, another friend from the band Vajra, see lots of people stoked on the youngest band Regulate and of course witness Fireburn’s kick ass first East Coast Set (they were seriously amazing and surpassed even my high expectations).

Kill Your Idols almost stole the whole show as their set was over the top energy and great messages, while the diverse and awesome crowd participated with serious devotion most of the entire day. The Warzone set with friends of the band filling in on vocals (including members of Madball, Sick Of It All, Killing Time, Stigmata and many many more) was one of the most inspiring and fun things I have seen on a stage in fucking years. It was a true fans friggin’ dream.

Joseph Cuz Cammarata¬†(Black N’ Blue Productions) , Drew Stone¬†(The New York Hardcore Chronicles/Antidote) and everyone involved made so many people feel something really powerful today and major kudos to their efforts.

I am so happy today. PMA, baby. Don’t forget the struggle.

Damn, what a kick ass day in Tompkins.

More Pics BELOW.


NY fuckin City

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Fireburn ūüĒ•

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