Oceano release “Dead Planet” video full of dudes who like one note

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 7:23 PM (PST)



I’m not an Oceano hater, for the record. I post about them from time to time because they seem to impact people, despite many line up changes. For a deathcore band I think they are one of the more intense and well loved, though the violence level at their shows sucks. I just think that stuff is counter productive and it’s corny to accept from your fans that they beat the shit out of each other. Even Hatebreed shows you can feel empowered but death core pits are usually just brutal and not a lot of unity, just angry ballerina bullshit. That said, there are certainly kids/fans in the scene who like death core who are cool so I will try not to generalize.

Oceano are legitimately perhaps the heaviest death core band around, though they do have a tendency more than most to hang on trope chugga one note riffs  ad infinitum. I prefer Emmure because it is amusing to see Frankie annoy just about everyone who isn’t a fan and the guitars have way more groove amidst the breakdown parts.

That said, their new record Ascendants has very interesting vocal concepts, but they’ll probably be lost on most people. I like to stay positive but musically  it is a far cry from the quality of Earache classics from Godflesh, Carcass and Bolt Thrower that once made that label the leading light of extreme metal labels. Oceano’s fast or more complex parts are cool but the repetitive stuff is just falling flat and not standing out from so many young bands doing that these days. No offense to this band or the label but I’d like to see them lead rather than follow again. Best thing about this is the record art, I’m afraid. But yeah, mosh.

See the video BELOW.



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