One Without releasing new album “Sweet Relief,” streaming new song “Pretender”

Posted by Fireball13 on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 6:25 PM (PST)

Swedish gothic metallers One Without are releasing a new album titled “Sweet Relief” on April 29th via the band’s own label OW Productions. According to a message from the band, the album is being released digitally for free. Here’s what the band had to say to their fans:

“We have made an important decision that is based on a changing music business. We feel that we don’t want to “give” away our songs to a label so that they can squeeze every little penny out of our fans, money that we never get to see anyway. Then we would just rather give it to you for free! Of course we need to earn money on our music, otherwise we won’t be able to continue making it for you, but it should be done in a sincere and honest way. As a big thank you to all our faithful and awesome fans we will let anyone and everyone download our coming album “SWEET RELIEF” TOTALLY FREE from our website, complete with booklet! The album will also be available for purchase at all the bigger music-stores online, like Itunes, Amazon etc.”

You can get a taste of what’s to come via a stream of a new song titled “Pretender” on the band’s MySpace page.

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  1. Kenny3/31/2011 6:42 PM | Permalink

    NOT released via Lifeforce Records! 🙂

    Released by OW Productions!

  2. johnnyx
    Johnny X3/31/2011 7:00 PM | Permalink

    Our bad, Kenny. Fixed!

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