Origin release “The Absurdity Of What I Am” lyric video

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 6:23 AM (PST)


The “Passage to Obsolescence” discussed in the song is not the weird (yet still awesome) bird’s nest/space butt hole that seems to be made of tentacles and weed on the Colin Marks cover artwork.HP Lovecraft would have been in awe of this fearsome image. I mean, if Metallica can get away with the Vag Magnetic cover, this is fine. But seriously. Origin deserve mass worship. They are so beyond sick it is unfathomable. This is technical death metal at its most wickedly precise yet still with a sense of tunesmithery that makes them only matched by, perhaps, Exhumed and Trigger The Bloodshed in this new generation of death metal upstarts category.

“Absurdity of What I Am” is the third track to be unveiled from Omnipresent, which is out July 4th in Europe and the 8th in the U-S-A, Jason Keyser (ex-Skinless) does a mighty fine job upholding the Origin legacy. This band is becoming quite legendary.

But yeah. let’s face it…we are pretty absurd as a species. Meat attached to a skeleton that sometimes moves in ludicrous ways at Emmure concerts? Life is really odd. Like, I often think what if alien life came down and saw us and their first impression was a Bon Jovi concert, just how weird that would be for the aliens. But I digress.

Click HERE for some awesome new Origin face ripping brilliance.

Pre-orders are available at at:

Agonia Records (Europe) –
Nuclear Blast (North America)-



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