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Pallbearer – “Fear and Fury” 3 song 12″

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 5:13 PM (PST)
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The new 3 song stop gap between Foundations of Burden and whatever melodic breakout alt-doom greats Pallbearer do next is sure to please fans but isn’t entirely essential. Granted “Fear and Fury” – a lone single released in 2015 – is one of their better songs in a catalogue full of good tunes, but if you only had the full lengths you’d still have plenty to chew on without needing to seek it out unless you were a die hard fan.

Now it leads off a three song EP you can check out HERE.

The most exciting thing about this little EP or single with two B sides as it could also be considered (besides the gorgeous artwork), is that these songs will undoubtedly be served best as random additions to the band’s always killer live show.

The funnest thing here for me is the Dio era Sabbath cover “Over & Over”. It is cool to hear one of metal’s truly best newer bands tackling a classic but while the song translates excellently into Pallbearer’s style, it also proves how neither a hologram or a less emotionally invested 2016 blog metal era performance where the cover is more of a fun novelty are any substitute for the real RJD. The best part here is the scorching solo, which does Iommi some real justice.

Likewise, the Type O Negative cover is fun but not crucial and no match for the original. It is fun and will be a treat live but I think the band would’ve been better served doing a different tune from the great drab four. Again the music is cool and fits Pallbearer’s style but the vocals just don’t nearly reach the original. The much less critical darlings Dommin did such a cool cover of the same song as recently as last Winter also which was vocally more on point and made it almost a speak easy jazz goth hybrid song. I’d rather have heard Pallbearer do a deeper cut like “Everything Dies”, as a Type O fan. That would’ve been so heavy.

These slight criticisms aside, this was an awesome surprise today. A lot of people had no idea this three song was on the way and Pallbearer are by far one of the more consistent and enjoyable bigger metal bands out there of the new guard. The two times I have seen them they have absolutely crushed. The first time I saw them it was like hearing Godflesh with an extra melodic vocalist or something, just huge. Nice to hear them having a little fun and you could certainly do a lot worse than this. If you need one record of the same genre this month though pick up Spirit Adrift first.


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