Pig Destroyer are officially in the studio!

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 6:27 AM (PST)

You should all be very excited.  It’s been rumored for a while, and now it has finally been confirmed that the legendary masters of extreme music Pig Destroyer have entered the studio to record their first album in over five years!  The band is self-producing and recording the new album at guitarist Scott Hull’s Visceral Sound Studios in Alexandria, VA, and is shooting for a late 2012 Relapse Records release.

Pig Destroyer have enlisted Adam Jarvis of Misery Index Index to handle the drumming responsibilities and he is now a full time member.  Scott Hull commented recently on Adam’s addition:

“Tracking the drums happened this week and I’m honestly amazed at how Adam stepped up to the task of learning some challenging shit outside of his standard comfort zone.  He came into the studio ready to destroy and destroy he did. And in the haze of long studio hours he never settled for a bad take.  He’s a real soldier.   Adam has helped breathe new life into the band and we feel like we are starting fresh.  Everyone here is excited for people to check out the new jams.”

This will be the band’s fifth studio album and the follow up to 2007’s Phantom Limb.  Not much other information is available but we’ll keep you posted.

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