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Please sign: tell Facebook to stop fleecing bands unfairly (even if it doesn’t help)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 9:04 AM (PST)


Ok, this is not about Atlas Shrugged arguments but rather fair practice. Facebook is by far the most effective social media tool still for many bands and it is garbage that they fleece bands who already pay for ads by making them ALSO pay to reach people who already “liked” their page. There is a new great petition on that hopes (probably naively) to change that. Please take a minute to sign it HERE.

Im not a facebook hater. It’s great and useful…that said, they aren’t likely to listen but everyone who agrees please sign this. not about everything in life being FREE but bands and magazines already pay for ads and shouldn’t have to pay to reach everyone who already LIKE a page as a fan or potential consistent supporters. Half the time I’ll write a post on great metal news and it is seen on Facebook by like 160 people out of our nearly 9,000 followers because they want to fleece us- like bands aren’t squeezed enough. The Grammys won’t even treat metal with respect. We NEED our followers united! Social media is vital part of this. FUCK THIS SHIT. Plenty of other ways for them to get revenue!

I know there are other problems in the world like child soldiers and AIDS and arguing about vaccines all day but this actually affects a lot of people trying to follow a D.I.Y. lifestyle in the punk and metal scenes.


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