Pre Emptive Feb 2018 Round Up: 4 fave albums of the month (Morgan)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 4:54 PM (PST)

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Who knows what I will be doing next week, but I already know my four favorite albums for February. Might as well post ’em since so busy right now mostly moving and arguing with NitwitTweeters (Nitweeters) on Twitter. These are my choices for my four favorite ragers of the month, which I am already looking ahead towards the end of.

Read up on them BELOW.

One: Fucked and Bound – Suffrage

This album has the best rando hidden “Negative Creep” S/O lyrical cameo so far of 2018. It was obviously the fiercest rager of the month and salvaged even a semi merciless month for us all with an unfuckwithable determination. Listen to “Zero Fucks.” Let’s do this! “Terror” is maybe my favorite track, an unreal march. Some of the songs kind of sounded to me like Poison Idea meets Extreme Noise Terror. Obviously that is fucking awesome. And the band sound like they are living this stuff together, Mega-hails to the realness you all bring. If you kids come to mosh though, pretty sure Lisa is already Pit Master.

Two: The Atlas Moth

The Atlas Moth are one of the best bands in metal, rock and extreme stuff, but where are the wrestling walk-out tag team theme songs? Nonetheless, Coma Noir is almost impossible to describe. Even for a babbling idiot like me. You are better off experiencing it, like trying to tell someone what it is like watching Jaws, Legally Blonde or Goonies . I suggest pairing it with this old chestnut In a Lonely Street: Film Noir, Genre, Masculinity. Riffs, Dudes, Trips. Potential for Deafheaven fans to start stan wars over who has better fonts now. Actual Human Blood. And even with how good this brilliant baby is, I can’t decide if it is their best album cuz I still love the others so much as well. Hails. 

Three: Usurpress – Interregnum

Damn fantastic performances for this Agonia moment from the Uppsala, Sweden musicians. Adept on many levels from telling stories within instrumental passages to stirring the epic fires of the heart or driving you to sheer revulsion at the horrors of the world, this band are bad motherfuckers. This ought to appeal to both Inter Arma and Amon Amarth fans in decently equal scale. Fantastic friggin’ drum sound also.

Four: Harm’s Way – Posthuman 

Posthuman from Harm’s Way is evidence the band were never kidding around at their dedication to heavy hardcore and metal. This is Harm’s Way. It pretty much only gets more brutal. This album makes me feel like a Sepultura/Godflesh fan flipping out at a legit hardcore show. Also a bad ass snare sound on this fucking beat your face fest. Air drum and neck muscle your face through this workout. Wipe the floor with whatever, especially inner demons. Do unto others? I don’t know. Just try and be a good person and share the underground as well as possible with our peers, right? A lot of people could unite on the strength of these breakdowns and battlecries.



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