Premiere: Gridfailure bless us with the oppressive “Digital Crush”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, October 17, 2016 at 8:48 AM (PST)

Gridfailure Polaroid 2016-2

Hostile alchemist GRIDFAILURE has completed the Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP impending its free digital distribution on Samhain 2016, leaking new track “Digital Crush” through Metal Riot.

GRIDFAILURE is the auditory harvest of David Brenner (Earsplit, ex-Theologian, ex-Heidnik), who abuses dozens of instruments, brewing a haunted apocalypse aura. The outfit’s Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut was released in May via The Compound Recs. With a second album, Teeth Collection, nearing completion, Further Layers Of Societal Collapse provides some insight of the bizarre directions the unit’s output is taking. The use of field recordings infusing elements of nature and civilization into the mix carries into the new material, which infuses more percussive elements and guitars than the debut. Contributions from cohorts BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot) and Pete Tsakiris reflect the first GRIDFAILURE collaborations to see release, a trait that lies heavily in the upcoming releases.

GRIDFAILURE’s Further Layers Of Societal Collapse delivers nearly a half-hour of unharnessed dementia, infiltrating additional realms of biomechanical madness, meshing ghostly and fractured elements of dark ambient, power electronics, and industrial metal with the confrontational wrath of tectonic hardcore on a rudderless course where anything goes.

“The name of the new EP came from my cohort Morgan here; when Walking Bombs asked me to contribute ‘additional layers of societal collapse’ to their ‘Demagogue’ anti-Trump anthem, I immediately plagiarized/altered the line. The levels of corrosion and mutation on the EP reflect our bleak future. This is a biomechanical horror-electronics nightmare soundtrack, documenting another step further into the post-Sixth Mass Extinction wastelands where primitive ways and artificial intelligence cannibalize each other for survival. I re-purposed antiquated technologies for the recording of this EP, beginning with this track. Ween yourself from technology before you become it a part of it. Liberate Te Ex Gridfailure.” – Dave Brenner


GRIDFAILURE will offer Further Layers Of Societal Collapse as a free download on October 31st through Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and more, with a limited cassette version to follow in November; find your Walkman ASAP.

Orders for GRIDFAILURE‘s enticingly affordable Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here eco-wallet CD receive free paraphernalia HERE; digitally the album can be found at BandcampAmazoniTunes, and most others.

Also join the macabre lounge/fight act for the end of everything on GRIDFAILURE’s upcoming Teeth Collection album, split with Never Presence Forever, and multiple other upcoming splits, EPs, and collaborations, all likely to see release by the end of the year.

Check out “Digital Crush” right now!



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