Psycroptic releases trailer for new album “The Inherited Repression”

Posted by metalrocker on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 7:25 PM (PST)

Tasmanian death metalers Psycroptic have recently released a trailer for their upcoming fifth studio album, “The Inherited Repression”. Check the first making of video here. You can also check out the new track, “Carriers of the Plague,” on their official facebook page.

Says guitarist Joe Haley,  “’The Inherited Repression’ is far and away my favorite Psycroptic album thus far – all of us in the band think this. It’s the age-old cliché from bands when they talk about their current album as being the best of their career, blah, blah, but I have to say it because it’s true. We wouldn’t think there is a point of going on if we couldn’t outdo each album prior. We are certainly not playing music for anything else than the love of creating it and performing it… ‘The Inherited Repression’ is quite different from anything we have done in terms of song writing and structure, and we spent a lot longer writing and demoing the songs before we recorded it, which you can tell. It’s a very dynamic album – the fast elements faster, the slow elements slower, and a lot of light and dark binding it together. It’s a very catchy album as well – you can tap your foot, bang your head or anything else you want. Basically it has a lot of groove on it from start to finish.”

The Inherited Repression will be released in Europe on February 7th in North America and on February 10th in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records.


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