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Quest of Aidance announce debut full-length title, tracklist, and release new music video

Posted by GageT on Friday, April 19, 2013 at 7:40 AM (PST)

Quest Of Aidance coverSwedish deathgrinders Quest of Aidance decided to drop a bunch of information about their new album today, entitled Misanthropic Propaganda. The release date is still TBA, but we know it’ll be out via Pulverised Records. The album artwork was done by Pär Olofsson (known for work for bands like Immolation and Malevolent Creation).

You can check out the full tracklisting and the music video for new album track “Aryx” here.

1. A New Storm Rising (Instrumental)

2. Seething Voids

3. Deadly Viral Strain

4. To No Avail

5. Section 34

6. Anyx

7. Dimout

8. Sothis Allegro (Instrumental)

9. Red Dust

10. Spawnlayer

11. Sirian Breed

12. Like Shadowing Suns

13. The 5th Column

14. Doom Reactor

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