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R.I.P: James Charles “Jim” Marshall 1923 – 2012

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, April 6, 2012 at 12:00 PM (PST)

I am a day late on this but figured that if any man deserves props for having a hand in the creation of metal is the Lord of Loud himself Jim Marshall. Jim Marshall passed away on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 88 years old. I think Jimi Hendrix said it best “There’s nothing that can beat my old Marshall tube amps, Nothing in the whole world.” So next time you are at a show banging your head look up at those Marshall stacks and throw up the horns for Jim Marshall. Here are a few other metal legends giving Jim a shout out.

Scott Ian of Anthrax said: “Just heard about Jim Marshall passing… I am lucky to have spent time with the man that created the sound of Rock music. A true LEGEND.”

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser said: “RIP Jim Marshall, thank you, obrigado for the sound!!,”

Slash said: “The news of Jim Marshall passing is deeply saddening. R & R will never be the same w/out him. But, his amps will live on FOREVER! \,,/,”

Perhaps one of the few things he’s said that I agree with in a long time, Dave Mustaine: “I have never been sadder than today. My dear friend and father figure Dr. Jim Marshall OBE has passed away. I am at a loss for words…”

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