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R.I.P. Joey LaCaze

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, August 26, 2013 at 7:57 AM (PST)

1183-photo_EyeHateGod Sad news came in over the weekend that true sludge veteran powerhouse Eyehategod drummer Joey LaCaze has passed away. The band was due to celebrate their 25th anniversary in the fall. No more info available at present. Fuck a duck, this sucks.

Joey was fairly young and a major talent who saw through the bullshit and was in it for the right reasons. I had the chance to interview him about two years ago for the much missed Crusher Magazine and wanted to repost my favorite section of that piece in tribute:

“I’m so grateful just to be in a band like this. Especially being from New Orleans, you could walk down the street and there’s people that are on the street playing music that’ll just blow you away. Great musicians that never leave the city or go anywhere. We go to Europe. We go to Japan. We get to do all this shit and I’m so fortunate that I am part of this and we have our corner of the music world. Nowadays, it seems to be turning out to be such a good thing and we’re finally reaping the benefits of all the years of struggling. To be honest, we don’t make no money with this band. We’ve been doing it all these years out of love. It’s finally taking off to where we can come back home and it’s worth our while. We’re not leaving broke and coming home broke. I love it. I see all these kids and I’m so grateful that these kids are into us. When I was at that age I was the same way and was so hyped to see the band I was into. These kids could not care about us at all! At one point at the end of the nineties it almost felt like “who knew” where heavy music was even going. Y’know, now I feel like it’s made such a comeback in a way. I like to find out the roots of shit and the underground place where it started. It’s a good sign that there are kids 15 years younger than me and that’s what they are looking for. They are looking for legitimate stuff…I feel like we should reinvent the blues again. Led Zeppelin did it and all that shit. I feel like we should do it in the punk sense.” – J.L. of EHG

Click HERE to blare some “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam”.


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