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R.I.P. to legendary artist H.R. Giger

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 7:49 AM (PST)


Swiss visual master of the macabre, H.R. Giger has left this mortal coil. His impact on sci-fi and metal fans everywhere is immense. Today we blast Danzig, Celtic Frost, Triptykon, ELP, Debbie Harry, Carcass and even Korn in his honor while weeping tears of acid blood. Scarcely anyone out ther explored the ID, dark sexuality and the fear of the “other” as much as the famed artist. Metal Underground ran a great send off from Tom G. Warrior you can read HERE.

And you can click HERE for more of our tribute.


While Giger can scarcely be blamed for all the shitty bio-mechanical tats out there, his work was undeniably always cool. “The greatest compliment is when people get tattooed with my work, whether it’s done well or not,” he told Seconds magazine in 1994. “To wear something like that your whole life is the largest compliment someone can pay to you as an artist.”Giger died from injuries suffered in a fall, but even more than Bosch, his work seemed to explore the fall of man and the evolution into the unknown with brilliant clarity.





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