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Randy Blythe posts short statement on getting ready to face manslaughter charges in Czech

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 3:15 PM (PST)

Randy Blythe, frontman for Lamb Of God, is getting ready to head back to the Czech Republic in early February to face manslaughter charges.  The short version is that a fan died shortly after suffering injuries possibly sustained at a show in 2010 and Randy is being charged in connection.  You can click here to read more details on the story.

This last Sunday January 13 Blythe posted the following on his Instagram page:

“The last two or three days I have been getting ready mentally to leave my home and return to Prague to do this whole trial thing in early February. It’s not something I particularly WANT to do; but inside, my gut and heart tells me it is the RIGHT thing to do. I cannot turn my back on the right thing.”

Blythe is facing the possibility of ten years with no parole, so this whole thing must be terrifying.  To read statements from Blythe and his manager about possible outcomes and their feelings about the whole incident you can click right here.

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