Re-issue of “Individual Thought Patterns” by Death announced

Posted by KageDrummer on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 3:26 PM (PST)

Florida death metal band, Death, will be re-issuing their album “Individual Thought Patterns.” The re-issue will be remixed and will include two extra discs containing unreleased demos, a live set in Germany, and rare riff tracks from the late Chuck Schuldiner. To view the track list click here.

The reissue will be released through Relapse Records October 25th for North America, October 28th for Germany, and October 31st for the rest of Europe.

Disc 1:

1. Overactive Imagination

2. In Human Form

3. Jealousy

4. Trapped In A Corner

5. Nothing Is Everything

6. Mentally Blind

7. Individual Thought Patterns

8. Destiny

9. Out Of Touch

10. The Philosopher

Disc 2:

Live In Germany – April 13th, 1993

1. Leprosy

2. Suicide Machine

3. Living Monstrosity

4. Overactive Imagination

5. Flattening Of Emotions

6. Within The Mind

7. In Human Form

8. Lack Of Comprehension

9. Trapped In A Corner

10. Zombie Ritual

Individual Thought Patterns – Studio Outtake

11. The Exorcist

Disc 3:

Four Track Demos – Chuck & Gene – December 1992

1. Overactive Imagination

2. In Human Form

3. The Philosopher

4. Trapped In A Corner

5. Individual Thought Patterns

6. Jealousy

7. Nothing Is Everything

8. Destiny

9. Mentally Blind

10. Out Of Touch

Individual Thought Patterns – Chuck’s Riff Tape – 1992

11. In Human Form

12. The Philosopher

13. Trapped in a Corner

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