RIP Jani Lane 5 years: Warrant get a Metal Riot “Deep Cuts”

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 5:57 PM (PST)


It’s been 5 years since the world has lost a true giant in the metal world. Jani Fucking Lane (ok, I might have just made up that middle name, but it totally works) left this world on August 11, 2011. WARRANT got huge with the song “Cherry Pie” in which Jani sings the line “taste so good, make a grown man cry”, but on that night in August, it wasn’t a cherry pie that made this grown man cry. Instead, it was the sad news of Jani’s passing, and the fact that I immediately put on my Cherry Pie album and listened to it on repeat for many hours and speaking with friends that were also trying to deal with this blow. So what was it about WARRANT that Jani’s passing had this effect over so many people? Well, for those of you who just don’t know, this post will show you what an amazingly talented writer Jani Lane was, as well as the powerhouse of a singer and performer that he was.

Read Drewdas Priest’s picks BELOW.

01. “I Saw Red” (Acoustic Version)

My first pick was the easiest one. When I first heard the news, this is the song that immediately hit me. Just Jani solo, armed with an acoustic guitar and the voice of an angel, but still under the WARRANT banner. Being a metal guy, I typically don’t go for the unplugged version as much as the original song, and I love the original, but this just had an emotion in it that wasn’t as present in the metal version, and that’s what made this special: Emotion. A song about coming home to the woman you love more than life itself, and finding her with someone else.

02. Bitter Pill

If I had to pick one line from this song to sum it up, I’d have to go with “I’m often silent when I’m screaming inside”. That line speaks volumes about a man telling us he’s being torn apart. The chorus has a section saying “All that glitters isn’t gold. Too much is overkill. Love can be beautiful, or a bitter pill”, but in this case, this is gold.

03. Blind Faith

I’ve decided years ago that if I wind up getting married, this is the song I want my bride and I to be dancing to. This is about the perfect woman, and how finding the right one can inspire you to make all your dreams come true. The best line of the song is the closing line -
“And I’m not sure I deserve a woman so true but I love that you think I do”.

Additional Fun fact – back in the day when I got my first cell phone, my girlfriend at the time had her own special ringtone, because ringtones were the hot new thing. Anyone else called me, it played DOKKEN’s “Breaking The Chains”, but when she called me, it was WARRANT’s classic “Heaven”. This was obviously before I realized she was a demon straight from Lucifer’s side, but that’s another story for another time…


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