“Rock Till Death”: Doro Pesch on 2016 March tour, Amon Amarth collab, Lemmy

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Doro Pesch, the German heavy metal Queen, is touring the US with a mini-tour starting tomorrow. It is always such an honor to speak to Doro, not only an incredible survivor, powerful presence and legendary metal beauty but a timeless and unique voice who holds a deeply important place in the history of the evolution of Heavy Metal. Whenever you hear her proud banshee call there is no doubt who is singing.

I’d rather spend my time listening to Doro than do most things in life. Hail, Metal Queen!

Doro is evidence that there is no half assing it, ever.

More below.

I mentioned to Doro I was looking forward to her show at the Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Doro Pesch: Yes, Poughkeepsie. That’s where we are playing with Y & T. Awesome.

Yes, I hear they are still great live. I’ve never seen them.

DP: Yeah, yeah. We played some Summer Festivals together, yeah. So you’re
coming to the show?

Yeah. That room is a nice old theater too, so it will be great for your voice.

DP: We do an in store before at Rock Fantasy, so it all feels like the good
old 80’s.

Yeah, Rock Fantasy is cool. They still those and do good turn outs. Everyone
loves it and it keeps it alive.

DP: Yeah. I love vinyl. And it is hard to find good record stores. So I’m
excited about that.

How does it feel to be doing this tour? Road testing new stuff or hits?

DP: Definitely all killer, no filler. Warlock stuff and definitely all the
highlights and hits. Some surprises. A song for Lemmy. The duet we did on the
last record Raise Your Fist was so nice. And our drummer Johnny Dee will
probably sing the part Lemmy sang. Maybe the fans decide they want to hear
“Love Me Forever”, the Motorhead classic. Usually we play two hours. But we
will have a shorter set. We figure out what the fans want to hear sometimes by
seeing the crowd five minutes before the show. If they are die hard metalheads
we play more heavy or perhaps anthems or ballads depending on the night.

I’m happy to speak with you today. Time goes so fast sometimes and is
temporary. Lemmy and Bowie and other people passing. It must be amazing that
you are forever associated with some of Lemmy’s coolest work and likewise he
was so lucky to have you in his life to work with.

DP: I was a big fan. It’s been such an honor to get the chance to know him and
I’ll miss that so much. We always did nice text messages or Birthday and
Christmas, whatever. I can’t imagine never hanging out or talking anymore. It
really blows my mind that life is not forever. This year’s really heavy. On
Dio tour in ’87 we were such friends with Jimmy Bain. He was a great
sweetheart. He passed and of course Ronnie. We lost the greatest people of all

We still have you! I was just talking to my friend Aabeg in Nepal and he said tell
Doro we love her in Nepal and she should come here.

DP: Really? In Nepal!? Wow. Say hi to them. That’s awesome. I’ve never been

Your voice carried over the mountains.

DP: Metalheads are a tight family. It doesn’t matter what kind of style. Death
metal, traditional metal…it’s all good. I’m proud to be a part of it, I tell

I was lucky enough to head to Saint Vitus Bar and met Johan from Amon Amarth. I
heard their new record. It was awesome and your cameo was unexpected and

DP: Yeah, I think it’s a great song. I was so happy when we did it. We did it
in England in a studio close to Birmingham. Andy Sneap’s studio. He was the
engineer. Great engineer. We had such a great time, yeah. Everybody was there
and I tried to sing my heart out because I wanted to make it great. I love
that song and the whole record. It sounds so fantastic. I can imagine this
will be a big record for Amon Amarth. It has such energy and magic. And Johan
is such a sweetheart. I got an email from the band asking if I would be
interested in a duet and I said I would be very interested. I saw them live at
Wacken and it was really the best show of the whole Wacken festival.

Wow. That’s a glowing endorsement.

DP: Yeah. I love that band and I said ,”Hell yeah, sure.” It was already a
great song and  it resonated with me. I went over to England and
it fit like a glove. Diving in and screaming it out. It felt right. I hope the
fans like it as well.

You really connect with people through your personality or voice. You’re great
with fans. I saw you at Gramercy and you had Bobby from Overkill up. It was
such a good night. Everything is fun and yet well done. Any advice for bands?
You always keep going. Some of the younger bands for the next generation, any
advice for them on how to not get tricked or give up?

DP: I tell you, man…you just have to do what you love. 180 percent every
day. try to get good people behind you. Maybe a good manager and record
company. And if nobody believes in you just believe in yourself and do what
you love and feel is right. The music business can be really ugly. I’ve had
many ups and downs. For example, when we lost the name Warlock to somebody who
had nothing to do with the name Warlock. That was really tough. So I know what
it is when you feel you aren’t treated right. Just stick it out and hang in
there. Never give up and take a break. That’s hard. One or two years. It is
very hard to get back into it. Think of all the ways you can promote your band
in this day and age. Build a fan base and you aren’t dependent on an agency or
company. You can have much more freedom. In the 80’s you always had so much
pressure to have a hit record. Music is not about that. It’s what you feel and
you can’t force it, so do whatever you can and express yourself. Find your own
style and you will definitely suceed. But team players are always good. And if
it doesn’t work, give it your all. You can’t do it on the side or as a hobby.

Amen. Or if you do you have to admit it.

DP: Right. Sometimes that is better cuz then you don’t have pressure to
survive with your band. If you want to do a hobby play gigs and make people
happy. But to survive with the music can be really hard. Or if you want to
have a family and are on tour non stop you have to see how that all works.
Whatever you feel in your heart.

If your really love something you find a way to bring it into your life or
make sacrifices for it to happen.

DP: Yeah and if you are lucky it finds you too. Moments where people came into
my life and I was not even searching. People or a tour. Musicians popped up.
Just get into the right mindframe and things happen all by themselves

Have a funny story of you and Lemmy to end on an up note?

DP: Many great moments. When we were recording in L.A. two songs we were
always stuck in traffic jams. So much traffic. One time Lemmy said ,”I don’t
care.” We were listening to music and playing Motorhead as loud as you can
imagine. The whole car was like rotating and vibrating. He had big boots on
and put them close to the windshield and was smoking cigarettes. And started
singing. Some fans saw it and stopped their car so the traffic jam took ten
hours instead of two, a little party on the highway. Life can’t get any better
than that.

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