Running Wild reveal cover artwork and tracklisting for upcoming album “Shadowmaker”

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 8:01 AM (PST)

German heavy metallers Running Wild have revealed the cover artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming album “Shadowmaker.” The album is set to be released on April 20th in Germany, April 23rd in Europe and April 24th in the US and Canada via SPV/ Steamhammer.

The cover of “Shadowmaker” is the most unusual in the history of the band but when you listen to the title track and read the lyrics, the meaning of it will be understood. It was created by Rock N’Rolf and Jens Reinhold (Evergrey, Freedom Call, Virgin Steele, etc.)

Click here to see the tracklisting and a bigger picture of the cover artwork.

Tracklisting black jewel Case + DVD

CD :

1.Piece Of The Action 4:25

2.Riding On The Tide 4:18

3.I Am Who I Am 4:51

4.Black Shadow 5:13

5.Locomotive 4:35

6.Me & The Boys 5:00

7.Shadowmaker 4:25

8.Sailing Fire 4:14

9.Into The Black 4:57

10.Dracula 7:29


=> Making of “Shadowmaker”

=> Track by track commentary by Rock NĀ“Rolf

Length approx. 40 min

Tracklisting LP:

LP 1:

Side 1:

1.Piece Of The Action 4:25

2.Riding On The Tide 4:18

3.I am Who I am 4:51

Side 2:

1.Black Shadow 5:13

2.Locomotive 4:35

3.Me & The Boys 5:00

LP 2:

Side 1:

1.Shadowmaker 4:25

2.Sailing Fire 4:14

3.Into The Black 4:57

Side 2:

1.Dracula 7:29

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