Saint Vitus tour US with Scott Reagers on vocals. Skull, Witch Mountain support.

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 2:39 PM (PST)


War may be our destiny, but a lot of humans will be having a peaceful and groovy- if decidedly doomy- time when Saint Vitus hit their town. Hey, Wino touring with The Obsessed AND an active Saint Vitus with original vocalist Scott Reagers is cause for celebration even if you prefer the four Wino Vitus albums. Personally, I think that much like Black Sabbath, the Vitus vets have plenty to offer in various incarnations from their career.

Hallow’s Victim is prob my second favorite Vitus album after Born Too Late, just so fuzzy and kind of peculiar. It’s the sound of life on the 80′s fringe but stuck wanting to move backwards. A certain sense of disorientation yet confidence in approach makes this SST classic worth revisiting, a real feast of sonically limited yet conceptually and playing-wise very sophisticated music.

If the Reager’s helmed news wasn’t cool enough the fact that stoner doom band of the hour Witch Mountain and Trouble alumni The Skull are the support will ensure this is through and through a crushingly rad series of concerts.

The Saint Vitus touring lineup is: Dave Chandler, Scott Reagers, Mark Adams, and Henry Vasquez.

SAINT VITUS recently reissued two of their older records, ‘Die Healing’ and ‘C.O.D.’ The re-issues are available on CD, limited-edition double Lp, and colored vinyl gate-fold Lps here.

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