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Sepultura post third track-by-track

Posted by Ehrila on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 11:00 AM (PST)

Brazilian legends Sepultura have posted the third track-by-track breakdown for their latest release on Nuclear Blast, “Kairos.” In this breakdown, we explore tracks 9-11 with their explanations and inspirations.

“Kairos” will be available July 12th.

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9. Embrace The Storm

Kisser: “A song about persistence and faith, not being scared about the worst moments in life, they are a part of our growing as humans and we do not fear any storms that might happen in life. We overcome the bad times with a lot of work and learning with our mistakes. The music has a kind of melodic riffs, with a little of Ozzy/Rhoads influence, and is very heavy!!”

10. No One Will Stand

Kisser: “Here we try to express our feelings when we are on stage, making the analogy of war, going to battle every night, we take no prisoners, total destruction. Conquering a new territory every time we go out on tour, leaving our mark, exchanging a wonderful type of energy with the crowd, the best experience for any musician, to be on stage. The song is very fast, very trash with the influence of the early hard core bands and attitude. It is very old school.”

11. Structure Violence (Azzes)

Kisser: “This song is a collaboration with the French percussive group LES TAMBOURS DU BRONX, a brutal heavy group that makes a huge sound with oil gallons and some electronic pads, it is amazing. We managed to record the song in different studios, we in Brazil, them in France, and the result is fantastic. The more organic sounds of SEPULTURA mixed so well with their heavy machinery sounds. We did the lyrics on the three languages, Portuguese, English and French, and it was inspired by the uprising in the Arab world, specially the crisis in Egypt, who took off from power the dictator Mubarak and started a whole wave of protests in other countries.”

CD/DVD Digipak + iTunes Bonus Tracks:

1. Point Of No Return

Kisser: “This song is from the ‘Kairos’ sessions and we felt didn’t have room on the running order of the album, so we decided to leave that as a bonus track. It has some elements of our past in it, like dissonant riffs and more traditional leads. The lyrics talk about the point we are in history, with all the global warming and the saturation of natural resources, for some things, there are no more hopes.”

2. Firestarter

Kisser: “PRODIGY was a challenge for us but we are used to do that, after all, we did U2, BOB MARLEY, NEW MODEL ARMY, DEVO, among others, stuff that don’t have too much in common with heavy metal, although PRODIGY is very heavy and intense, with influence from metal and punk. It is a great song and I can’t wait to perform that live.”

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