Serpent Crown are coming for the radness crown as well this year, new song unveiled

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 8:52 PM (PST)


Oakland’s Serpent Crown  write really, really awesome stuff. Just finished their tune “Bloodmoon” from an advance promo of their September sophomore record and it left scorch flames up my whole front and back, like friggin’ grill marks from Hell! This is some classic metal rendered with an extra savage punk rock sort of crunching thrash attack and the raging vocals and head slicing guitar majesty of Dara Santhai.

Their sophomore release  Incantations Of Vengeance, isn’t out until next month on limited-edition cassette and via Bandcamp (eventually). Captured at Green Dot Studios by Snake Green, Incantations Of Vengeance features Tommy Anderson on bass and Rob Ruiz (Psychosomatic) on drums. The band has since recruited Chris “Woz” Wozniak from Lair Of The Minotaur as their full-time drummer.

You’ll have to wait to hear the whole thing, but I highly recommend you stop whatever you are doing (even if you are listening to the awesome as hell Blood Incantation everyone is raving about for the 11th time tonight or watching Flash re-runs from Season 1 like me single, hated and alone) and fucking blast this first officially released track “Uncertain Life, Certain Death” until the sky darkens from the smoke.

It’s so bad ass. Burn your ears and mind out HERE.


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