Serpent Ov Old sign to Horror Pain Gore Death

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 1:22 PM (PST)


Philadelphia black metallers Serpent Ov Old have signed to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

The signing brings the impending release of the entirety of Serpent Ov Old’s discography Antiquity Ov Old on May 27.

Head over here to check out the Serpent Ov Old song “This Insidious Gospel” as well as the Antiquity Ov Old track listing.


Antiquity Ov Old track listing

1. This Insidious Gospel
2. Disdain Ov Existence
3. Banished
4. Poison Pure Suicide

5. Disdain Ov Existence

6. Banished

7. Drowning in Sorrow
8. This Insidious Gospel
9. That Which No Name Carries
10. Through Shame I find Illumination
11. Poison Pure Suicide
12. Withering Hope

13. Disdain Ov Existence (Chamber Version)
14. Banished (Chamber Version)
15. Drowning in Sorrow (Chamber Version)
16. This Insidious Gospel (Chamber Version)
17. That Which No Name Carries (Chamber Version)
18. Poison Pure Suicide (Chamber Version)
19. Withering Hope (Chamber Version)

20. Blasphemous Night
21. Under the Sigil Ov Baphomet

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