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Show Review: DORO – 30 years at Gramercy, NYC

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 9:20 AM (PST)


Doro Pesch brought 30 years of metal power to Gramercy in NYC last night and my ears are still ringing. People flew in from places as diverse as Florida, Poland and more for a special Monday night event and last of a short North American run celebrating Queen Doro‘s reign. The heavy metal thunder was alive and kicking all night long. You know it is gonna be a great night when one of the first things you see is Bobby Blitz from Overkill hanging out in the downstairs Gramercy lounge just kickin’ it and taking casual photos with excited fans.I am home now the next day listening to recent thrash-terpiece “Give A Little” from Overkill’s 2010 LP Ironbound (such a great and bouncy chorus and brilliant structure to that tune).

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There were a lot of openers on this bill last night and I was a bit bummed because it could have clearly been a treat to have Doro all night long. She has so many songs to choose from. Still, the passion and talent of the openers was solid and the “family of heavy metal” enthusiasm fast dispelled any complaints. Doro was worth the wait and I learned about some great bands I hadn’t heard. Midnight Eternal were my perhaps favorite of the openers, despite starting the night off. They just had a great chemistry and vibe that really sold it. The band had a thrashy sound with very operatic vocals from Raine Hilai and impressive leads from guitarist Richard Fischer. Fans of everything from White Empress to Leaves’ Eyes ought to enjoy them.

Metalfier from NY were cool, very street NYC unapologetic heavy metal with the meanest streak of the night. They don’t move around much as a group but still manage to have a good stage presence and a serious headbang-ability. Love to see them with Panzie* or Kilcode sometime.

Respected Ohio hard rockers The Mighty Swine flat out ruled with bluesy grit that fans of anything from Sons Of Anarchy to bands like Accept to Clutch to Krokus could enjoy in hearty measure. The band’s gloriously gruff looks gave off a genuine “we are who we are” stage vibe that was refreshing and the vocals were really moving in an 80’s heavy metal (not hair metal) way. This set the stage for the explosion of adrenaline and a heavy blend of testosterone and especially estrogen blasting from the stage during Flames Of Fury‘s speed metal set. Angelica Vargas is a strong woman but also just plain hot, and she wears daggers! Her powerful command of the stage and strong attack were bad ass and the searing leads from Jason Perez were frankly the best of the night (just psychotic shit- to take nothing away from Princiotta).”Ride The Wind” was particularly one of the coolest songs the band gave the crowd with all they had.

Doro hit the stage and proved she can make any crowd start a “hey! hey!” chant in more record time than maybe anyone except perhaps Kiss. “I Rule The Ruins” hit with the power of an ambitious storm. Highlights were many, from Chris Caffery to a pounding version of “Raise Your Fist” that proved her new material is just as strong as an older glory days song like “Burning The Witches”. Doro’s voice is one in a million and has made her a beloved icon to many thankful souls across the world who love her to pieces. Plus she still looks great and can rock the stage as hard as the young pups and bitches. Doro brought up Bobby Blitz for “Always Live To Win” and the pair were in perfect accord with the crowd, a synergy of mutual respect and love for metal filling the room. Nick Douglas and Luca Princiotta were going crazy and the crowd was right there with them. Thak you Doro, for everything. You gave me chills. I left feeling invigorated and ready to continue down the metal path.

Rule the ruins!!!!



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