Show Review: Doyle and Heavygrinder at Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NYC May 3, 2015

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While beer is always a sponsor at Saint Vitus, tonight was brought to you by Trooper, Iron Maiden’s English ale. Revolver Magazine also took part in this party, which explains the all the magazines that were being repurposed as coasters. Headlining the night’s performances was Doyle, which features, as you could have figured out, guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of The Misfits fame. Direct support tour long was Heavygrinder, who stepped out of her normal industrial/ EDM touring ilk, onto a tour with actual fucking metal musicians. She tells me “Touring with metal bands is what I’ve been aiming for.” Local support Tournament fully embraced the “Drunker than everybody else” motto of Vitus. Goddamn they were loud and loaded. and a perfect start to the night.

Click here for the review and pictures of the show.


Trooper is a rad beer. The label uses the same art from their 1983 single “The Trooper,” so it looks fucking metal. It’s a traditional English ale, think IPA light. The low ABV is a plus, which means you can drink more of them and tall boys were five bucks. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take a few troops into battle before Doyle abominates everything?

Revolver Magazine also sponsored the show and naturally brought their own photographers. Their pictures are way better than mine.




“We’re drunk and want to stay that way!” – Tournament singer Montana Masback.


Brooklyn’s own started the night with Tournament, making a loud, drunken fervor on and off stage. I like bands like this. They just came to party their asses off and fucking rock out. They drink beer, they shoot whiskey, they play metal. No gimmick, no schtick. Just rock. Cheers to you, holders of the hammered flame! Check out their bandcamp to instantly start a drunken rage party. I am definitely going to see them again. Wasted.


Up next was our controversial friend, DJ Heavygrinder. Much to delight and dismay, she remixes metal songs. She catches heat from both sides of her genre blends, metal and EDM alike. Primarily, she tours with the electronic music realm, but this marks her first tour with actual musicians. “I’m the first DJ to grace a lot of these stages and it made me just as nervous as I was when I started. With these metal clubs and bars, you don’t know what to expect. A lot of the crowds have never been exposed to EDM. Surprisingly, I converted quite a few people.” I knew she would have a tough crowd in front of her at Saint Vitus, but she pulled through for the fans who approached her after set.  She mixed both classics and modern metal songs, including “War Pigs,” “Wait and Bleed,” and “Mother,” which she said was by far the favorite track on the tour. Next on Heavygrinder’s radar is building a band and a small record label. She already has the support of Threat Signal singer Jon Howard, who will be a featured vocalist on an upcoming release. Find her on Soundcloud for more metal+electro remixes.


I was quoted once saying “It’s not a metal show until somebody bleeds” after getting my nose smashed in during a Slayer pit. Best nosebleed of my life. I feel bloodshed at metal shows strengthens the experience. Wether self-inflicted , like Doyle singer Wolfman Jones here and many other stage cutters, or fist inflicted, like my cascading face, it is memorable in its extremity. Metal is fucking extreme. The live shows should be no less. Get weird. Fuck shit up. This is the place to do it. This is the crowd that will embrace it. The musicians that will bleed along with you are the ones I want to listen to. Theses are the ones who truly give a shit about metal and what it instills and inspires. Doyle has built his career on extremities and tonights show was a proper rager. The club was packed at this time and the pit was teeming with bodies inching closer and closer to the horrorshow stage. I am stoked to have seen a legend such as Doyle in such a viciously intimate setting, one I will never forget. In our interview with Doyle, he states “My new record’s the best, I feel, so far. It’s the best thing I’ve ever been on. That’s my belief.” Abominator is the album and it is fucking heavy. Doyle says buy it. “I don’t want the fans to get the music off the internet. I want them to pay for it. Otherwise, bands can’t make any more music. They’ve all got to get jobs.” There you have it. Buy music.

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