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Show Review: Hawthorne Heights (Anaheim, CA stop)

Posted by XxCrashQueenxX on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 9:13 PM (PST)


California Is For Lovers…of Nostalgia

On February 17th in Anaheim, California I had the privilege of seeing Hawthorne Heights in all of their If Only You Were Lonely glory on the Three Headed MonsTOUR. The MonsTOUR line up is Hawthorne Heights, The Ataris, and Mest. I will admit that when this tour was announced I was very excited.

The Ataris and Mest and random special appearance by London Falling were all great. I was impressed by London Falling whose front man reminded me of a very early Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day. The energy was very high and extremely fun.

More below.

Now, on to the band who I can quite certainly say almost everyone was there to see, Hawthorne Heights. For a band who has endured everything from death to line up changes and an evolving scene, Hawthorne Heights has been able to hold their own. I was hoping to see a show that was as energetic as it would’ve been ten years ago, and I was not let down one bit. Hawthorne Heights’ ability to virtually capture the angst and the raw emotion from ten years ago and turn the whole crowd into an ‘emo’ frenzy was mesmerizing.

The nostalgia I felt when I heard songs like “Saying Sorry” and “Ohio is For Lovers” is completely indescribable. The nostalgia was ironically a breath of fresh air for a current alternative scene full of hang ups. Hawthorne Heights also had something I hadn’t felt from a band in a long time. They felt sincere. They thanked their fans numerous times during the show for coming out and their undying support throughout the years. Humble and grateful, are the only words I can use to describe their attitudes towards the crowd who came out last night. Their entire set felt real.

Every note and lyric had a meaning that you could feel in that very moment, it was something special. The band explained why songs were written and their enthusiasm for songs that had previously never seen the light of day via live play was astounding. I left the show feeling energized and content with what I had seen play out on the stage. Needless to say, if you city’s date HAS NOT passed by yet, I highly recommend getting tickets for this show. The band will be on tour through the end of March in the United Sates (they’ll be headed to Japan in April.)

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