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Show Review: Ice Nine Kills, No Bragging Rights, I AM HISTORY and 3 local bands on The Launch Tour- Bath, NY- 4.16.11

Posted by Fireball13 on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 6:33 PM (PST)

I arrived at Revolution Music in Bath, NY just after 3 on a very rainy afternoon. My expectations weren’t very high since I have only heard songs from three of the bands before. The melodic grind of guitars accompanied by rhythmic drumbeats sounding like thunder and deep metal growls filled the air inside a music store where about 150 people gathered for a night of metalcore. I was impressed as a mix of 4 touring bands and 3 local bands took the stage for 20-30 minute sets in support of Ice Nine Kills on The Launch Tour. I’m sure they could hear the music all the way to the police station about a block up the street.

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The opening band was Inward from Dundee, NY. I couldn’t actually see a lot of their performance from where I was standing due to a group of tall people blocking my view. The crowd seemed to like them a lot though and I liked what I heard. They have more of a melt-your-face-off hard rock influenced metal sound than the other bands. Vocalist Brandon Bell got the crowd going by encouraging them to give a middle finger salute and high fives later on. Songs they sang included “For the One That Got Away” and “My Body Remains.” I thought they were an excellent band to open with.

After a little bit of a late start, 31Goings from Rochester, NY were the second band to perform. By this time I had moved up to the front of the stage and stood off to the left so I could see the show better. I stood next to a girl who told me that the lead vocalist, Alex Richmond, had “an angelic voice” which is a pretty accurate description of what I heard during the choruses and breakdowns adding a touch of pop in between gutteral grunts and screams. During their set, fists were pumping and horn hands were flying in true metal fashion. They ended with their song “Miracles” and then gave out free copies of their EP after their set was over.

The third band to take the stage were the hometown boys from Bath, NY called Tourniquets. I have seen these guys play before so I had a good idea of what to expect from them and they delivered a good show of experimental metalcore. However, at times it did sound as if lead vocalist Tom Buck’s microphone wasn’t turned up loud enough. The band ended with a brand new song titled “Same Cell.” During this song, guitarist Graham Mitchell’s guitar string broke but I honestly couldn’t tell. The song sounded great anyway and he kept on playing as if nothing had happened.

I AM HISTORY, a Christian melodic metalcore band from Pennsylvania was up next. I was a little nervous when vocalist Robbie White asked for his mic to be turned up cause he wanted “to sound like Lady Gaga.” When they started performing, I realized quickly that I had underestimated them. There was a lot of power behind their vocals and they were much better than I thought they were going to be. These guys had a lot of energy, jumping around a lot and at one point I thought White was going to fall off the stage. Drummer Josh Smith beat on those drums with a good amount of speed despite the sweat dripping from his hair. They sang a song written by White about a girl who broke his heart and he dedicated it to all the guys in the audience.

I did not get to see All’s Quiet and Where The Ocean Meets The Sky. While they played I took the opportunity to have a drink and talk with some of the members of Tourniquets, guitarist/drummer Graham Mitchell (formerly of The Red Death), guitarist Ryan Kidder and bassist Chris Lamphier. I asked them how Tourniquets and the other local bands got involved with being a part of The Launch Tour. According to Mitchell, “It’s a tour package and then promoters will pick it up and put some local bands on it. It was kind of like a battle of the bands competition for the local bands getting on.” They talked about their own band’s plans and Mitchell commented, “We have enough material for a long EP or almost full length. We’ll probably end up having to self-release it but we’ll do a series of three 7-inches with artwork that spans all three of them when you set them up.” Guitarist Kidder added, “We’re also trying to get a show together, The Chumdown Fest, on June 18th in Bath.” We shared a few laughs and then headed back to the music store to see the last two bands perform.

So-Cal metalcore band No Bragging Rights arrived 5 minutes before their set started. They had some transmission problems with their van on the way to the show but that didn’t stop them from performing an awesome 30 minute set mixing rich strong vocals with a classic metal scream. While they played, fans were crowd surfing and a mosh pit had started towards the back of the crowd. They sang a cover of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” and had the entire crowd singing along with them. I probably would have enjoyed their set more if I was standing in a better spot and didn’t have to see a very bright flash from some guy’s camera which was constantly going off.

Fifteen minutes later, headlining band Ice Nine Kills from Massachusetts took the stage. Spencer Charnas’ powerful lead vocals blew me away. Their music sounded as if it had a pleasant blend of symphonic sounds within it’s metal. They we’re freakin’ awesome! In fact, all the bands I saw rocked. INK sang “The People Under the Stairs” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told” off their album “Safe is Just a Shadow.” I did have to giggle when guitarist Justin went on stage with the back of his jeans ripped, exposing his underwear. Maybe the skinny jeans were a little tight? Or maybe he just needed a little air conditioning because it was quite warm in that building. After the show I stuck around to talk with INK’s Spencer Charnas and listen to him play “Heart and Soul” on a piano in the back of the store. Here’s what Spencer had to say about the tour: “Having a great time out here. Playing great shows with some awesome bands. Loving every minute of it and selling some merchandise. Just loving life. Check us out on Facebook!”

Overall, I thought it was a great show. There were some tech and sound issues that had to be adjusted throughout the evening and the lighting wasn’t the best but that could have had something to do with us being inside a store and not in an arena. Each band gave a really good performance and afterwards hung out with their fans and supported each other as well which I personally think is really cool. There were no huge ego trips on this particular show, instead there was a lot of talent displayed throughout the evening.

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