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Show Review: Municipal Waste, Napalm Death and Exhumed

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 11:19 AM (PST)

So when you read this interview understand that I am a little bias. When I saw the details for this tour all those months ago I shed tears, tears of blood. Napalm Death are legends and although I have seen them before it was never in a venue this small. I know there are the people out there who talk about it not being the “original” lineup but for as long as I have been a fan this has been the lineup, except for Barney’s brief stint in Extreme Noise Terror, and as far as I am concerned if you are under 45 years old, shut the fuck up.  To boot Municipal Waste are thrash warriors of unparalleled talent and  Exhumed name might not have been as large as Napalm Death or Municipal Waste’s on the flyer but I still love the shit out of that band.

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For a little backstory on this show it was located downstairs at the Middle East in Boston, which is about an hour drive, during Hurricane Sandy. We weren’t sure if the show was even going to happen due to the storm but, nobody wanted to risk it, so we got in the car and drove 25 miles an hour in a hurricane down to Boston. We were lucky enough to get an interview with Barney from Napalm Death before the show and after about 20 minutes in the rain we were lead into the back restaurant, which was closed for the storm, and he was kind enough to give us a half hour of his time where we discussed politics, touring and marmite. More on the interview to come.

At first the place was barren and we began to wonder if anybody but the ten people milling around the bar were going to come but as time wore on the place started to fill up. You would be amazed at the diversity these three bands brings out. Its a slap dash of gutter punks, OLD school metalheads, leather jackets with denim vests and patches that these guys would rip off if you recognized the bands and the since reformed versions of the former. Eventually the place started to fill up and by the time the show started the place was about three quarters full.

I am not going to lie, we didn’t really get much of Vektor’s set. We spent the first part of the show getting in touch with various friends, girlfriends and roommates and assuring folks that the show was in fact on. So while I heard them and they will definitely warrant a listen in the future I am not going to disrespect the band by giving them some bullshit review.

Where is that guy with the chainsaw?

As Exhumed came on they had set up two hanging posters on either side of the drum kit reading…you guessed it “Exhumed” with the classic chainsaw, blood and guts theme. These guys killed it. Playing to an almost full audience with basically the job of warming up the place they demonstrated why they were on the tour. They played a good chunk of All Guts, No Glory but with a good spread of songs from other albums, notably “Limb From Limb” with a crowd accompaniment, “Slaughtercult” and “A Matter of Splatter.” They didn’t spare on the theatrics and added a madman with a chainsaw splattered in blood running around the stage and dumping a severed head full of liquid on the crowd. We had set lists for all three bands but it looks like we lost two of the three to the hurricane, this list seems to fit with memory and the other tour dates though.

Seconds later his head was torn off and dumped on the crowd…I’ll miss him.

Exhumed “Setlist”

All Guts, No Glory

As Hammer to Anvil




Limb From Limb

Distorted and Twisted to Form


The Matter of Splatter

Drop Dead (Siege cover)

By the time you read this sentence Napalm Death has already played four songs.

For Exhumed we stayed in the pit for most of the time but ended up on the side of the stage for the last few songs and stayed put for Napalm Death. We saw these guys at Wacken this summer but this was a whole new animal. Going from almost a hundred thousand people and a football field inbetween you to where you can literally reach out and touch them was absolutely amazing. These guys have been doing this for years and still have so much passion that it blows my mind. Listening to Napalm Death is like listening to blue prints for countless other bands that have come after and its incredible. They played a bunch of stuff off Utilitarian, opening with the instrumental “Circumspect” and “The Wolf I Feed” a few songs later, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite Napalm Death songs. They did not disappoint though and played some solid old songs including “You Suffer” and “Scum” off the legendary 87 Scum album. There was a  killer cover of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” and the crowd went wild for their whole set.

What happens when our camera guy yells “Big smile!” at Mitch.

Napalm Death Setlist:


Errors in the Signals

Can’t Play, Won’t Pay

Protection Racket

Silence is Deafening

The Wolf I Feed

Practice What You Preach




When All is Said and Done


Nom de Guerre

Suffer the Children

Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedy’s Cover)


You Suffer

Municipal Waste is gonna…

It quickly became clear why Municipal Waste was headlining this tour. There wasn’t a single band that didn’t get love but the crowd swelled for these guys from the start with “Headbanger Face Rip” there were kids on the stage and the pit opened up. Every Song they played made me happy I had a PBR in my hand and a 30 rack at home. I listened to about half of their set from the stage and then went into the pit for “Fatal Feast” where I stayed for the rest of the show. The pit was great and they couldn’t have covered a better song than “United Forces.” Personal highlights were “The Art of Partying” and them calling some kid a pussy for reading the setlist and saying every song was his favorite before they played it.

….fuck you up!

Municipal Waste Setlist:

Headbanger Face Rip

Mind Eraser

Terror Shark

You’re Cut Off

Chemically Altered

Beer Pressure

Idiot Check


Thrashing’s My Business… And Business Is Good

Wolves of Chernobyl

The Fatal Feast

Black Ice / The Monster With 21 Faces / The Inebriator

Sadistic Magician

Wrong Answer

United Forces (S.O.D. cover)

Unleash the Bastards

Born to Party

The Art of Partying

I wonder which one was the pussy?

In summation, this tour is the tits. These guys are different sides of the same coin, a three sided coin I guess. Napalm Death brings the politically motivated grind, Exhumed brutal gore and Municipal Waste shreds thrash that makes you want to drink you face off. If you like any of these three bands and you have a chance to see this tour don’t screw yourself out of it. We drove through a hurricane and it was worth every second. Quit being a cheapskate and buy the damn tickets already…except you Canada, as I heard Exhumed got stopped at your border which seems to happen an awful lot to bands.

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