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Show Review: OTEP “With A Vengeance Tour” at The Masquerade, Atlanta – October 24, 2013

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, November 4, 2013 at 4:36 PM (PST)


Last winter I thought maybe I would never have the opportunity to see OTEP in concert when she announced that Hydra would be her last album.

But then came along the “With A Vengence Tour” and on October 24, I had the great fortune of seeing not only OTEP, but the interesting band of misfits she’d been raging across the country with – and OTEP and tribe both came out in full force to make this a night to remember.

Check out how the night went here.

The night started off with Atlanta locals Inviolate. Their singer, Kadria, along with bringing her unique voice (both singing and growling) also made belly dancing part of the band’s attraction as the band pounded away.



Inviolate was the perfect mixture of heaviness, eccentricity and fury to open an OTEP show.

After Inviolate was Lydia Can’t Breathe a four piece band from Florida. They brought the fun and humor. Vocalist Kyle Bolduc, by the end of their set, couldn’t help but to literally show his ass. They were gimmicky, but good. Playing a song at one point about living on peanut butter and jelly and spraying down the front rows, myself included, with silly string.




After being mooned by the only male front man of the evening, New Years Day took the stage. These crazy Californians led by the indomitable Ash brought the place down. They were the best opening band by far.




The last opener was Stolen Babies playing with, among traditional instruments like drums and guitars, a barrel and an accordion.



By the end of this four pronged parade of ne’er-do-wells , the anticipation was built to full mass and everyone in the venue, myself included, was ready for OTEP!

The band and the queen herself came roaring onto the stage with “Confrontation” and the crowd went instantly insane.



Lamenting the evil done by politicians, particularly Republicans, Otep moved through each song, building the frustration and the anger calling for a mosh pit, but with a request, “I want yall to take care of each other out there!”

They played “Apex Predator” and a handful of other songs but brought down the house when Otep said, “We have one more song for you all tonight” (Aww!) “But the good news is, it’s a sing-a-long!” and with that started the chant of “Perfect little spouses in perfect little houses, it’s family fun time, let’s commit a hate crime!”


 This erupted very quickly into the greatest moment of the night, when the entire venue erupted into a chorus of, “We’re the freaks! The faggots! The geeks! The savages! Rogues! Rebels! Dissident devils! Artists! Martyrs! Infidels!”

Everyone in Hell at the Masquerade that night melded together in that moment of anger and aggression and frustration, and it was beautiful.

Then, just like that, OTEP exited stage left. None of us were ready to let go. OTEP! OTEP! OTEP! – the crowd roared – OTEP! OTEP! OTEP!

We, the lucky Tribe, were graced again with the presence of OTEP as they played for us their cover of Nirvana’s “Breed”.

And with that the night was over.

Hail and horns up to all of these fantastically odd bands for coming out and putting on a hell of a show! If “With A Vengeance” has a second leg, you better be there!

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