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Show Review: The Black Dahlia Murder, Nile, and Skeletonwitch-New York City, April 19, 2012

Posted by NichTheHair on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 2:00 AM (PST)

Here’s yet another deft description of my darling and I’s many death metal date nights. The destination for this evening of ear-splitting enchantment was to be Irving Plaza in New York City, The Black Dahlia Murder, Nile, and Skeletonwitch our marks. Inside was deceptively small, but not overflowing with heads. We managed to navigate quite nicely through the various merch tables, though lacking a fair amount of brutality in the wears. As for the show, we arrived just in time for Skeletonwitch to take the stage thrusting me right into photo mode in front of the Garnette brothers. Bring it on.

A full debrief over the show and some shitty amazing pictures await you on the next page.

The Brothers Garnette

So how awesome would it to be in a metal band with your brother!? Vocalist Chance and guitarist Nate Garnette definitely got on the same wavelength way before Skeletonwitch was formed in 2003. The first time I listened to these guys was on Metal Swim, one of many compilation discs from [adult swim]. I’m not one for thrash, but the palpable energy they exuded was amazing. They were a pleasantly devastating surprise.

These Ohio natives served up a scorching set that excited the headbanging mob, eliciting cheer after deathly cheer. I saw many a body wearing their gear and they definitely made they presence known. Kids were flying all over the place, scrambling around to get just one inch closer to the stage. The rage must not be caged.

Scott “Scunty D” Hedrick and Evan “Loosh” Linger

A cig and a five-dollar shake coke later and the stage shone a bright desert sun that cast a very dark shadow. Nile squares up on the crowd and unleashes Kafir to the insatiated masses. Nile’s ridiculously low tunings proved to be no match for the sound booth wizard. All the nastiness came out just as it was written to. Also nasty, every single member of that bands skills instrumentally, especially live. So many bands play fast and super-technical in studio, but fall apart live. Nile took the stage with a very bold and commanding presence.

Karl Sanders

As expected, they played a bunch for their latest release Those Whom The Gods Detest. The surprise for me was a significant chunk of their set list was from 2007’s Legacy of the Catacombs. I was disappointed that they didn’t spread out further into their catalogue of history. I guess eight songs isn’t nearly enough to get the full effect of Nile, but it was captivating nonetheless. These guys meticulously destroyed everyone, note by ancient note.

Dallas Toler-Wade and Karl Sanders

NIle Set List


Sacrifice Unto Sebek

Hittite Dung Incantation



Permitting The Noble Dead To Descent To The Underworld

Black Seeds Of Vengeance

This is the second time I have seen Black Dahlia, but the first in such an intimate setting. The last was at an outdoor fest on an obscenely sweltering afternoon. I prefer the up in your face as to the all over the space. Like Nile, Black Dahlia spent a fair amount of their set selections on their latest release, Ritual. Unlike their openers, they spread the other ten songs around generously to their previous albums.

Trevor Strnad

I fucking love Ritual and was very excited to see those songs live. I was a bit disappointed at the non-instrumentalization of the acoustic guitar, piano,  and the string segments. They just played an audio track for those parts of A Shrine to Madness, Carbonized in Cruciform, and Blood in the Ink. Bummer. Is a quick acoustic intro and a guy on a keyboard too much to ask? Shit, they could fake it, just make an effort to look like you’re playing it guys. I shrugged it off continued to headband merrily along and about seized when they played I Will Return from Deflorate. My fav.

Ryan Knight

Overall, this was a wild and intense show, one molotov cocktail away from full blown insanity.

Black Dahlia Set List

A Shrine to Madness

Moonlight Equalibrium

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

A Vulgar Picture

Malenchantments of the Necrosphere

Conspiring With The Damned


Den of the Picquerist

Carbonized in Cruciform

Everything Went Black


On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood

I Will Return

Blook in the Ink

Deathmask Divine

Funeral Thirst

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