Sirenia post track-by-track description of upcoming album “The Enigma Of Life”

Posted by Tommy on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 9:40 AM (PST)

Norwegian/Spanish gothic metallers Sirenia have posted a track-by-track description of each song off their upcoming album “The Enigma Of Life.” Click here to read.

In addition to the track descriptions, the band has announced a contest in which you can win a free shirt. All you have to do is click on this link to add a badge to your profile picture on Facebook.

“The Enigma Of Life” will be released on January 21, 2011 on Nuclear Blast Records

The end of it all:

Our first single from the album. A very melodic song with a simple arrangement. One of very few Sirenia songs that actually do not have a choir part. It is a catchy song that easily gets stuck in your head. Good as a single, but not necessarily the most representative Sirenia song on the album.

Fallen angel:

Very catchy song as well, in my opinion a better option as a single. The song reminds me a little bit of ‘Lost in life’ from the previous album. A definitive live song.

All my dreams:

This song has a very industrial vibe to it, with some dirty loops and stuff. A bit untypical for Sirenia this song, but in the same time it has all the typical Sirenia elements. Again a song with very strong melodies in my opinion.

This Darkness:

A very heavy songs with a massive guitar riff. Maybe a bit eighties metal inspired and also quite different to what we have done earlier with Sirenia.

The twilight in your eyes:

An epic song that would be perfect as a soundtrack of a cool movie. Dark and powerful in the same time, a really intense atmosphere in this one.

Winter land:

A pretty simple and melodic song that has a very haunting and catchy melody. Ailyn sings the entire song. Easily gets stuck in your head this one.

A seaside serenade:

A heavy and groovy song that flirts with some progressive elements. A rather diverse and orchestral song. Epic and powerful.

Darkened days to come:

A very gothic rock oriented song. Clean male vocals on the verse and Ailyn singing the choruses. A song that sticks out on the album being quite different from the rest.

Coming down:

This one starts with a spooky fade and a massive guitar riff. A quite intricate song with some cool orchestrations. Great variation between all kinds of vocals.

This lonely lake:

This one starts with a nice piano melody. A quite simple song with beautiful and catchy melodies. No choirs in this one either, all focused on Ailyn’s voice. Nice and dynamic song with a main theme that more or less goes throught the whole song.

Fading star:

A very powerful mid tempo song. The choir is singing all the choruses in this song. It starts with a wahwah guitar and explodes when the band comes in. A diverse song with all the typical Sirenia elements.

The enigma of life:

The title track of the album. A beautiful ballad with great dynamics and emotions. A very slow and melodic song, different from all previous Sirenia songs. I especially love the vocal melodies and the guitar solos in this song.

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