Slough Feg release title track for “Digital Resistance”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 1:47 PM (PST)

Digital Resistance Cover

Californian metallers Slough Feg have released the title track off of their forthcoming album Digital Resistance.

Digital Resistance will be released in North America on February 18.

Check out the track, as well as Mike Scalzi (guitarist/vocalist) discussing the track, the album and the cover art here.


Guitarist/vocalist Mike Scalzi on the ‘Digital Resistance’ track:

“This song represents a last ditch effort to escape the inevitable. There will be no victory over technology– nor should there be in a broader sense— but I do fear what we are becoming. Biological evolution moves so slowly that we cannot perceive it. But social and moral evolution may come in great jolts or leaps. This can be dangerous to the preservation the species, biologically and morally/socially. But it’s also just fun to sing about ‘killing technology’ (like that other band from Canada did a long time ago). It’s a very dramatic subject. That’s why I call it ‘Voi-Vaudeville’.”

On the album:

“It has somewhat of a consistent lyrical theme that runs through several of the songs, but not every song— it is not a concept album in the sense that our “Traveller” album is.”

On the cover art:

“The artwork for this album was, as usual, a bit of a struggle. I had no idea how to represent an album called Digital Resistance. We finally decided that we wanted the background of Kiss’s “destroyer” album (a city in ruins), but instead of a rendering of our band in the forefront, I wanted the space-dog (Vargr) from “Traveller.” But we’d already used him, so I thought about wolves. I thought maybe a symbol (involving a wolf) representing the birth of a civilization might be appropriate. And that’s what we did—- we put Romulus and Remus, the two mythological children who founded Rome, and were raised by a wolf, in front of this destroyed civilization. What does it have to do with “Digital Resistance”? Modern primitivism? An atavistic civilization? Nothing whatsoever? Well, I suppose only time will tell.”

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