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Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 5:55 PM (PST)

From the crunchy guitar and classic metal vocal power of Savage Messiah’s “Solar Corona” from Hands Of Fate to Bell Witch’s herculean Mirror Reaper to All Pigs Must Die’s latest audio attack to Gwar’s first record without Oderus, late October 2017 has some brilliant moments for the metal world to enjoy and argue over! Check out why we recommend this handful for you to purchase before November’s coming fire BELOW.

Gwar – The Blood Of Gods

No one knew what to expect from the almost inconceivable notion of a Gwar record without Oderus, but the spirit of the band is intact! The wah infested madness of “The Sordid Soliloquy of Sawborg Destructo”, the punk n roll of “Fuck This Place”, the irreverent speedy snarl charge of “Crushed By The Cross” and numerous other battle worthy tracks will please longtime scumdogs and slaves heartily. Blothar leads the hapless aliens to recapture some of the spunk of Carnival Of Chaos and This Toilet Earth that had sort of been usurped by (also awesome) heavier tunes on some more recent albums. This is not to say there is not plenty of metal. And enough theatrics to remind Ghost who was doing this since Papa was just a wee lad on a milk carton. (releases 10/20)

Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate

If you want some European metal that knows the score when it comes to strong songs and an ear for the hallmarks of metal’s glory days, Savage Messiah’s new record will wow you. It is a big step up for the band, full of larger than life songs that are self-aware but also know what needs to get done. The fourth offering from this UK outfit finds the band honing their craft and delivering a sound many will be able to click with.

“The zeitgeist of this particular era is division. That’s everywhere you look, and the metal scene is no different,” David Silver (vox/guitars) says. “If you go on Blabbermouth and they post something about, say, Avenged Sevenfold, all you see is ‘This band sucks!’ You rarely see people saying ‘I love this! This is great!’ So if we have a USP, it’s that we’re a band that can have commercial appeal, because we could appeal to a Trivium fan or an Avenged fan, but hopefully we also have some real metal credibility too. We’ve got something cool to offer and I hope people can hear it in an objective way and decide for themselves.” 

(Releases 10/27)

Bell Witch Mirror Reaper

The new Bell Witch was engineered and mixed by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Cattle Decapitation, Melvins) and features music that will basically swallow you up into the belly of Monstro the whale. The record serves as an hour plus nod of respect to the memory of former drummer Adrien Guerra and the pre orders are selling like hot cakes at Bandcamp (and for good reason). You are going to play this one a lot if you love melodic doom that opens doors to an entirely habitable and fully realized world. The vocal textures are cavernous, the music churns and chimes and the drums are nothing less than patience rewarded all throughout. A moment for the genre for sure.

(releases 10/20)

All Pigs Must Die Hostage Animal 

All Pigs Must Die’s very existence. While their are bands who are great in the scene for sure, many musicians give up when the going gets rough or as they get older. This band is all scene lifers who still give as good as they ever have. A caustic dismantling of what ails us, set to the apocalyptic hammering of the final nails into our collective coffin.

(releases 10/27)

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