Song Of The Week: “Annointing Oil” by Twilight Fauna

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at 6:48 AM (PST)


Ongoing one man atmospheric metal project Twilight Fauna has been making a quiet revelation of a personal revolution bear remarkable, delicate yet darkly resonant fruit for awhile now. Like an unorthodox blackberry wine that tastes kind of classic, is continuing to evolve and age well and which is also a surprise to the senses at times, there is an overall consistency and balance to the project while it nonetheless has a unique bent.

“Annointing Oil” is a great dirge that comes from the Aug. 19th pending Fire Of The Spirit (not to be confused with the Marrow… of Agalloch, of course). There’s enough spirit to go around when you are playing this much from the heart.

Some of you knuckleheads might not like this one as it is more of a meditation of sorts than a “proper” song structure as some of you would recognize it, but anyone with an appreciation for the experimental and deeply personal will eat this up.

Check the song out HERE.

A cool statement on the record from Ravenwood BELOW.

When I set out to write this album I spent a large amount of time researching, reading interviews and watching historical footage. I tried to approach the topic in the most honest, respectful way possible. This is the culmination of something years in the making. The lyrics you’ll find here are in their own words with fragments of my own struggles mixed in. In a way we all have our snakes to handle and our poisons to drink in some form or another. Thank you for listening. -Ravenwood


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