Song Of The Week: “Nurture” by Cokegoat

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 2:12 PM (PST)


A Cokegoat with six members sounds like either a really dubiously legal party or some creature from the backend of bad karma-ville. As it turns out, the band with the name that made me think “now I have heard it all” (grant you this was before I learned there was a band called Couch Slut or Weekend Nachos)…well, Cokegoat are actually a seriously bad ass project. The doomy collective return with Drugs And Animals (go figure) and a ballnew song certain to please even the most puritan of post-metal fans.

Comments the band: “Drugs And Animals is a tall refreshing Long Island Ice Tea in a craft cocktail world. It’s trashy, it will get you fucked up, and you’ll probably wake up in a strange place needing a double dose of antibiotics. To quote producer/engineer Andy Nelson during the recording sessions, ‘This album is dense.’ Since our 2013 debut LP Vessel, countless group texts have helped COKEGOAT achieve growing friendships, razor sharp focus, mental stability, financial instability and a more advanced writing process. In other words, we are beyond stoked to get this record to your earholes.”


Drugs And Animals will be released digitally and on 180-gram 12″ vinyl late next month via the official COKEGOAT Bandcamp page.


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