Song Premiere: Woodstock’s The Beautiful Bastards “Brand New Day”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Friday, September 9, 2016 at 5:35 AM (PST)
Rocktose tolerant?

Rocktose tolerant?

We’ve got a single premiere for you today from Woodstock, NY’s The Beautiful Bastards off their recent debut EP.

“The song is about the end of a relationship, when it’s just about getting it over with, and that feeling of being shot out of a Canon because you are so ready to get out, the liberation of no longer giving the other person’s judgement of you so much power,” says band founder Jeremy Swift.
The bluesy Upstate, NY trio have been gigging hard and getting some airplay on radio station WDST out of Woodstock, mining more of a fuzz rock meets The Black Keys territory than our usual power metal or blackened anal death grind over here at Metal Riot, but we also love us some stoner and hard rock and this song is certainly doob friendly with a great guitar tone and scorching solo.
My white Les Paul special knockoff“, Jeremy boasts.”It is dark and intimate but also way out on the grungy edge of our range in terms of genre. Most of what we do is a combo of chicago blues based rock, late 70s NYC rock and roll, and classic R+B.



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