Spin (in) the black circle: 10 albums you need for late Spring/early Summer

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 11:39 AM (PST)


We know, we know…fuck us…we missed record store day. For us tired and bleached of
life force music fans, journalists and metal soldiers, every day is basically
record store day (just without any discounts and you have to hunt for special

We hereby make up to you (oh, sisters and brothers of metal) our momentary
guard post nap by providing you with some everyday metal nourishment/fuel/streams and pre-orders we are stoked on. Enjoy this soul food for thought for the coming weeks.

In no particular order, we present ten little Impish delights for your
bleeding ears and imagination’s kindling.

Read more below.


1. October Tide – Winged Waltz 

The doomy, vast and downright monstrous new October Tide record tops off our
overflowing tankard of Hell punch with riffs and gloom to make Novembers Doom
blush and enough creativity to match any band in the scene head to head in a
current arm wrestling bout.


Pre Order HERE.

Alexander Högbom (vocals) commented on Winged Waltz: “This is undoubtedly
the best and most emotionally charged material October Tide has created, in my
opinion. I know how much hard work Fredrik (guitars) has put into making this
album and you can really feel the thought behind it all. I almost injured
myself physically and was close to pass out a couple of times during the
recording of the vocals. I gave it all to match the intense music and those
powerful lyrics and I’m very happy with the result”.

Ester Segarra

2.Blood Ceremony – Lord Of Misrule 

Blood Ceremony’s records drip witchy wonder and ought to be part of any metal
or straight up rock fans collection. They are simply put a welcome retreat
from the modern world at any given turn. Never a bad thing to say about this
lot, and the new batch of tunes are as stellar and captivating as anything
they’ve done to date. Order HERE.


3. Slaves BC – All Is Dust And I Am Nothing


“Oh, a naked old man chasing a will-o’the-wisp (i think). How pleasant!”

This skull banger came out in February, the much anticipated first full length
throttler from this band of Pittsburgh based chaos wielding noise mages. If
you haven’t heard it yet, it is more than heavy enough to carry you into the
Summer with some scowling storm clouds to slay any falsies in your hip
neighborhood or forest grove. I’m not implying it is some kind of D&D rock.
Expect blood curdling extreme music that will make you want to have serious
thoughts about seeing a therapist. Let’s put it this way, after hearing this
nihilistic sounding explosive record you would never guess this band is some
of the nicest people in the scene. “Crawling Through Nothing To Nothing”
pretty much should make you just give up and kill yourself. A+

Get it HERE and die.

4.Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us


Still don’t know if they will ever top their second record in my book, but more than willing to find out.

Nails new track already has over 100,000 plays on Youtube over the past few
days. That is fucking insane. As I am watching it there is a Paul McCartney
pop up ad in the video to underscore how times have changed. I’m glad this is
out so I can stop scowling while listening to that “Sodomites” Soulfly song
and wondering if they hate gays (I’m guessing no but that it was a bad Max
quasi-religious title).

Anyway, this beast is out on Nuclear Blast in June and chances are you already
pre ordered it HERE. 


5.Sulphur – Omens Of Doom


This charred but far from barren technical death record is a feast of steaming
innards to behold and giggle over. Fill your maw with bite after bite of juicy
ass heavy Norwegian no fucks given. Comprising past and present members from
bands like Gorgoroth, Aeternus, Enslaved and Vulture Industries, you just need
to sit back and hear this thing. “Gathering Storms” indeed. Peep it HERE.

6. Battalions – Nothing To Lose


Another one that has been out for a few months, the ominous cover art ought to
tell you this is no picnic. Battalions could appeal to fans of Seven Sisters
of Sleep, Saviours, Clover or people looking for anything that bludgeons ears in
spades. Do not expect any fancy cleans or sparkly production, just a whole lot
of great sounding wallop from the UK.

7. Syberia – Resiliency


What we have heard so far of this album is glorious, Barcelona based mathy and
melodic instru-metal glory that sidesteps the pretensions of the genre by
simply delivering amazing, amazing tunes. “Hyperion” is 5:15 of heavenly
escapism. Someone should just hire this band to score the most dramatic
moments of every Netflix show. Seriously though, they fucking rock. Pelican
and Russian Circles fans take serious note.

Get it HERE , please. Let’s save music.

8. Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre


I friggin’ worship this band, an awesome blend of retro and modern psychedelic
rock that is quite the sensual brew. Rosalie Cunningham and cohorts are scary
talented. I didn’t know how they could follow up a record as near perfect as
The Circle and the Blue Door but they have done it. Anyone who was wowed by
them on the recent Ghost tour should know that opening slot was no fluke.

Sometimes when my room is messy I imagine Rosalie as Kali/Mary Poppins
appearing in a flash of gunpowder/brimstone/lavender smoke, wrinkling her nose
and all my socks organize and then she dissapears back to stoner rock Olympus.

Order it HERE.

9. Zakk Wylde – Book Of Shadows II


Zakk Wylde’s first solo release in 20 years. Zakk rules. That is all.


Get beardy and spiraly  HERE.

10. Walking Bombs – Know You’re Wild


I’m gonna shamelessly self-promote my first “solo” album here. As a singer 20+ years in bands you’ve probably never heard of I’ve gotten to work with a lot of cool people. This record is a collection of tracks from 2009-present examining depression, betrayal, childhood, romance and all kinds of weirdness. Guests include members of U.S. Christmas, Nightmares For A Week, Surmiser, The Warp/The Weft, I Multiply and more. Grunge to emo to garage to sludge to even a shitty hip hop song.

Hope some of you dig it. Don’t check it out for me. I accept that no one likes me. But if you buy it I can give some cash to the guests for lunch and thank them for their awesome contributions.

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