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Sylosis show off album artwork and track listing for upcoming “Edge of the Earth”

Posted by NichTheHair on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 11:49 AM (PST)

Hailing from Berkshire, England, young thrash metal band Sylosis has quickly risen in the ranks of the metal world. Now comes their sophomore release “Edge of the Earth” to follow their 2008 debut “Conclusion of an Age.”

“We’re extremely proud of the new material. We all know that these are our best songs to date and they are still evolving in the studio. It’s a very different vibe this time around. We’re pushing our producer [Scott Atkins] for a really raw and live sound. We’re making sure we know when to loosen up and let a bit more ‘feel’ creep in so it’s not as sterile.

“The new album is definitely heavier and more progressive… although despite being heavier, it’s still more mature on every level. We know we’re still evolving as a band and I’m sure the album after this one will be different again. These kind of statements can be worrying to the fans but we’re very confident and happy with what we’ve created and we know we’ve taken the high road!”

“Edge of the Earth” will be released March 11, 2011 on Nuclear Blast.

Click here for track listings and artwork.

01. Procession
02. Sands Of Time
03. Empyreal
04. Empyreal (Part 2)
05. A Serpents Tongue
06. Awakening
07. Kingdom Of Solitude
08. Where The Sky Ends
09. Dystopia
10. Apparitions
11. Altered States Of Consciousness
12. Beyond The Resurrected
13. Eclipsed
14. From The Edge Of The Earth

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