The Last Of Our Kind sign to Mediaskare, releasing upcoming album

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 10:05 AM (PST)

Poughkeepsie, New York metalcore band The Last Of Our Kind have announced that they have been signed to Mediaskare Records. The band recently completed work on their debut album “A Diamond In The Rough” with producer Cameron Mizell (I See Stars, Sleeping With Sirens) at Chango Studios in Castleberry, FL.

The album will be released in early 2012 via Mediaskare. For a preview of what is to come, the band is currently streaming their song “Deal With It” on their Facebook page. Click here to listen to the track which is on the debut album.

The band had this to say about being signed to Mediaskare and about their music:

“All of us have always been fans of the bands on Mediaskare, so naturally we were all super excited when they sent us an offer,” said guitarist vocalist Mat DeCesare. “We wanted a label that would push us to new heights with 100% no nonsense dedication. Mediaskare shared a mutual vision for the direction of our band. Their ability to relate to us made us finally feel like we found where we belonged. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Mediaskare family.”

The band is very clear on what they want fans to take away from their music, vocalist Jonny Miranda stated, “First and foremost we want people to know how real this band is. So many acts out there have awesome mind blowing recordings but once you see them live they’re disappointing.” Adding, “We’re really striving to be one of the exceptions. We don’t care about being “scene”, how straight our hair is or how tight our jeans are… if were not sweating to death, and don’t have some serious bang over after every show we hope you’re just as disappointed as we would be.” He added “We just want to play music people can connect to and that were proud of. Music has always been about expressing yourself and relating to one another, whether it is life struggles, or how much you love your dog. No matter who it offends or who agrees with us, were going to play music that is true to ourselves and hope people can relate and enjoy.”

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