The Quill release track by track breakdown of new album “Full Circle”

Posted by Fireball13 on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 5:11 PM (PST)

Swedish hard rockers The Quill have released a track by track breakdown of their new album “Full Circle.” The album is set to be released on July 26th in North America via Metalville Records.

“Full Circle” is the band’s first album in over five years. Their last release was “In Triumph” which was released in 2006 via Steamhammer Records.

Click here to see the track by track breakdown.

1. SLEEPING WITH YOUR ENEMY: Musically, this was the song that led the way to the album. When I came up with it I just knew THE QUILL was back! Musically, it contains all ingredients that a QUILL tune should have. The lyrics deal with all the choices you have to make in life and all the anxiety that goes with them. On judgment day you’ll know if you’ve been sleeping with your enemy. /Christian-Guitar.

2. FULL CIRCLE: When Jolle and Chris first played me their idea for this song I just couldn’t believe my ears. The original verse was crap, but man, the chorus! Goddamn THE CHORUS. I’m a total sucker for a) the simple and b) the unexpected, and this fulfills both demands. The simple, but powerful, four stomps on the open E-string, and the straight forward melody. The new verse is a mish mash of different, older, ideas and is a killer. This song is a killer, period. /Rob-Bass.

3. BLACK STAR: The first idea for the song came up when I saw The Cult in Stockholm last year. The crowd went crazy when they started out with the song ¨Rise¨ and I thought; ¨God I really need to write a song like this! ¨ I came home and did just that! The lyrics however came along in a process like it usually does with me – based on self-experience. Whereas most people would go to psychiatrists, I chose to write a song and the result became the lyrics for ¨Black Star¨. The truth is I really met “a captain of a different kind” – a black star – that dragged me down. Somebody who I depended on looked up to and trusted. But in the end this person was just playing with me and actually threatened my life in many different ways. As you see I got out of it with my life in one piece and I just felt like sharing it with you guys. Remember – don´t you ever take shit from anybody! /Jolle-Drums

4. MEDICINE: If THE QUILL ever wrote a song that’s anything like a quarter mile drag-race, “Medicine” is it. Full throttle from the beginning to the end, with only a short, suggestive pit-stop in the middle. We need that break, believe it, if not just to have a breather… /Rob-Bass

5. BRING IT ON: The lyrics deal with my contempt for people who look down on others. Bullies, wiseacres, some religious fanatics, people pretending they are something they´re not etc. Most of the time it’s just words, a false facade cos´ deep down they’re just insecure and scared that someone will discover that they’re just tiny, scared little rabbits with no self-esteem. /Christian-Guitar.

6. RIVER OF A MOONCHILD: This was probably the easiest one to record in the studio, but sometimes it happens. I wrote the song with an acoustic guitar so for me it was a “singer/song writer” song at first. Had to totally improvise the drum tracks and guess what, we kept the first take in the studio. Also, Rob did the same with the bass, so I guess sometimes it just figures itself out. But it didn’t come alive until Magz put the vocals on; he really blew the band away and lifted the song with the way he sings it. /Jolle-Drums

7. 24/7 GROOVE: Was originally written in another groove – Shuffle – but it didn`t work out the way I hoped for. This song is the most straight forward song on the album, but it was probably the most complicated song on the album to arrange. Christian and I actually arranged the final part of the song in the studio 20 minutes before we recorded drum tracks and rhythm guitar. Sometimes you got to think with your heart instead of your head.The lyrics are like “Black Star” built on self-experience and could be regarded as a part II of “Black Star” – living around talented and beautiful people who think they are the centre of the universe. /Jolle-Drums

8. WHITE FLAG: This is one of the rare songs on the album that we played with the string instruments dropped to C. That might, or might not, mean something to you. But for me, personally, the idea of dropping to C is a big no-no 95 percent of the time. Half the songs you hear dropped that low are totally meaningless and/or sound like crap… Anyway, we chose to try it on “White Flag” and the result is a both intense yet desperately heavy sound. I like it a lot. But let me tell you, few riffs suits the floppy C. So tread easy, kids. /Rob-Bass.

9. PACE THAT KILLS: This track is one of my (many) favorites on the album. Love the funky intro-riff and the way it returns at the end of the song. And the verse, man… whoa! Ok, it’s got an Alice in chains-vibe to it, but hey, not a bad reference, alright? The chorus is one of the cleanest and most straight forward we’ve done in a while. The lyrics are inspired by an old movie-poster I found in NYC years ago. Cool! /Rob-Bass.

10. NO EASY WAY OUT: We finally managed to write a ballad type song that doesn’t sound like an eighties power-ballad, at least I don’t think so. It was also great fun to do a Gary Moore-ish type of guitar-solo. It took many hours in the studio to find the right approach and feeling and create the sounds that I had in my head while writing it. It turned out great, one of my favorites. /Christian-Guitar.

11. RUNNING: Imagine, just imagine, the intro going off in front of thousands and thousands of fans at some badass festival on a sunny summer evening. Imagine the wind in your hair (yeah IMAGINE, in my case) and the roar from the audience as the bass and drums come rolling in from the hills on the horizon. Goosebumps, man! This song is what dreams are made of. /Rob-Bass

12. MORE ALIVE: This song will stay in my heart for as long as I live. The lyrics are written by a friend of the band, a young man that sadly decided this life wasn’t for him anymore… The lyrics can be interpreted as a celebration of life – in one way, but also as an example of the struggle some people have to go through each and every day just to keep alive. “More Alive” also leaves me with goosebumps, but by different reasons. /Rob-Bass.

13. WAITING FOR THE SUN: The first time we rehearsed with Magz we jammed on some stuff that we had sent him demos of. It worked out really well as you probably understand, because he joined that band! Anyways, after an hour or so we thought we’d give him a challenge and presented a totally new song – this one. We only had the title and the melodies for the chorus. We jammed around with it and he came up with the melodies on spot and later put the words to it. We knew he was right! /Christian-Guitar.

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