This Gun For Hire premiere “Good Evening Deacon” via New Noise Mag

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Vancouver metalcore rockers This Gun For Hire have premiered their latest song “Good Evening Deacon” via New Noise Magazine.

“Good Evening Deacon” comes off the band’s forthcoming album Something A Little More Sinister due out March 31.

The band comments on “Good Evening Deacon”:

“‘Good Evening Deacon’ was written about an encounter that was had with a young man that was at the end of his rope. When traveling home one evening, Deacon was happened upon while on the other side of the Granville bridge, ready to leap to an untimely demise. After hours of gentle talking and coaxing, he was talked back to safety on to the other side of the railings. This song is in his honor, and dedicated to all those who feel the misery and loneliness is too much to bare. Even when things seem their darkest, waking up over and over to the same heartache, and life is repeatedly stomping on you, intent on driving you down; there is hope. And sometimes the love you seek will come from people you’ve never met, showing you your life does in fact matter and things will get better. This song is for Deacon Braun. I hope happiness found you.”

Check out “Good Evening Deacon” as well as “Infection” and the track list for Something A Little More Sinister” here.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

1. Infection (3:34)
2. Something A Little More Sinister (4:13)
3. From The Earth To The Earth (3:24)
4. Set This Path (4:07)
5. Alligator Death Roll (6:35)
6. Good Evening Deacon (4:07)
7. To The Fallen And The Faithful (5:21)
8. One Hell Bent Lot Lizard (4:38)
9. Cause For Concern (3:32)
10. My Meaning (4:30)
11. Empty Eyes (4:31)
12. Barn Burner (3:20)

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