This is Hell’s Rick gives us some of his time and they drop off South East Asia tour

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Proving that it’s all in who you know a friend if mine was kind enough to get me in touch with Rick from This is Hell who in turn was cool enough to give me a few minutes of his time to ask a few hard hitting questions.

The band was suppose to kick off a South East Asia Tour in Jakarta this evening but according to their Facebook page, as of a few hours ago, they have had to cancel due to some problems with immigration.

This is Hell’s Facebook stated:
“Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel all of our South East Asian shows… long story short, the initial trip to Medan, Indonesia was a giant catastrophe that resulted in immigration not allowing us into the country due to “not enough free pages in a passport to place a visa sticker”. We were then shipped out of the country, charged an absurd amount of money for flight changes, airport tax (?), as well as entering and exiting fees. Upon returning to Singpore, the embassy is closed from 3pm friday until Monday maing it impossible for us to leave Singapore for any country aside from the USA. We will hopefully be back sooner than later and actually get to play some shows. Send all hate mail to the Medan airport and their slimy, sketchy, crooked, money grubbing liars of immigration officers that were not remotely close to helpful and in fact lied to us about internet access on their computers, “missing telephone numbers” and the existence of an embassy in their city.”

Our sympathies here at Metal Riot go out to the band and the fans who will not get to see them. I hope our interview with Rick can give you that This is Hell fix that you have been deprived of.

Click here to read the interview with Rick.

Does your name reflect your general outlook on life or does it just sound cool?

Rick: Definitely a reflection on certain parts of a life outlook. We aren’t all negative assholes 100% of the time. Its definitely the worst name to have to tell civilians when they ask “oh you’re a band…whats your name?” and then the impending “oh..this IS hell, right? ha ha” retort.

Do you have a favorite place, or least favorite, to play?

Rick: It varies. No place is consistent anymore. We’ve had some great and some shot shows in many areas. We just had a surprisingly great show in Sydney the other night. Its usually been a bummer city for us.

Do you guys have any good/bad drinking stories from the road?

Rick: A few weeks ago we avoided the snow but missed a show, so we spent the day with our friend in Buffalo where the dudes that do drink, drank a not so modest amount of booze and we brought our new guitar player to his first strip club ever. Much bickering and debating over non-important things occurred and Scuzz may or may not have been tossed in the snow.

What is your favorite mythological creature?

Rick: Its a toss up between cerebus, the moon landing, Jesus and the gun that shoots knives

Are you working on anything new?

Rick: Yeah, we have a new full length written musically, just need to finish the lyrics and then find time to record it.

What would be your dream line up to play with?

Rick: The tour we’re on now… Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Sick of it All, Madball & VOD… i would also add 1986 Guns and Roses (even though Duff is on this tour with Loaded), DRI and The Cro-Mags and I want to play second guitar with the Cro-Mags.

Whats your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?

Rick: Total Recall, hands down. Haven’t seen the remake yet but I heard it was good. Schwarzenegger is a giant poseur now. Anti golds gym republican idiot. Total Recall rules though and so does Jingle All The Way. And Twins. Kindergarten Cop too. I’ll take all of those over Predator. But that movies sick too.

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