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This Or The Apocalypse launches Indegogo Campaign, plans to blow up their old van

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 10:45 AM (PST)

this-or-the-apocalypse-dead-years-coverPennsylvania metalcore band This Or The Apocalypse have recently had more trouble with their van. The band has launched an Indegogo Campaign today to try to stay on the road. Click here to view the campaign and support the band.

The band issued a full statement in which they talk about their troubles with their van and that it’s non-repairable. They also state that they plan to blow up the old van in a music video for their song “Americans.” Click here to read the full statement.

The band is currently between tours supporting their recently released album Dead Years.

We are This Or The Apocalypse, an internationally touring band from Lancaster, PA. On our way home from our 30th US tour at about 3:00am Our van lit on fire and we broke down at a rest stop an hour away from home. After waiting 8 hours we found someone to pick up and our trailer up and take us home while our van was towed to a garage.

After inspecting the van we were notified that it was far beyond repairable. For any of you who have never followed us in the past, last winter we broke down in Canada and spent over $3K rebuilding our fuel pump, which took over a week. We spent that week hopping from trains, vans, taxis and fans cars from show to show so that we didn’t have to cancel any dates on the tour.

Unfortunately, at this time with buying flights to Europe and dealing with other debts and personal expenses, we simply cannot afford to buy a new van. So we are asking our fans to help with donations that all will go towards getting us a new van to get back on tour and promote our new album ‘Dead Years’ even more.

We put together a great list of incentives to say thank you for your help. We will also be filming a web documentary about the band and the life of being a touring musician as well as a music video for the song “Americans” where we will be BLOWING UP our old van.

If you are unable to help us financially Indiegogo has great tools that help you share our cause with your friends which is just as big of a help to us. Through your donations and promotion we can get a new vehicle and get back on the road and continue touring.

We really cannot express how much we appreciate all of your help.

Thank you,


Rick, Matt, Rod, Jack & Aaron



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